Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Team Trio and The Power Dogs

“Team Trio and The Power Dogs” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by a student of Burbank Elementary School, Hayward, CA 94541, USA.

Team Trio and The Power Dogs

Once upon a time, three kids were playing at school when a lightning bolt struck them. They were sent to the hospital right away. When they got there, three robbers were trying to rob the equipment from the hospital. The kids got up and started running and their powers got activated. They caught the criminals and got the equipment back.

Now the kids solve missions and fight crimes. Their names are Cristy, Jesus, and Jarren. They are also known as Electro Man, Captain Freeze, and The Flame. Their enemies are "The Power dogs". Just then the computer said the dogs were in New York, India, Mexico, and Dubai. 5 minutes later they got into the jet and went to New York. Mind dog was on the Statue of Liberty's crown. He was trying to break the statue. Just in time Captain Freeze froze mind dog and the statue. Then, The Flame used his heat and burned down the ice and mind dog died. Just in time Electro man used his lightning and saved the statue.

The next stop was Dubai. Over there earth dog was on Burj Khalifa. The Flame threw his flamethrowers and knocked him out unconscious while Captain Freeze froze him and threw him in the police car. "Two down two more to go," said The Flame.

In Mexico, the Fire dog was on the Angel of Independence trying to burn it. The Flame burned Captain Freeze's ice and then Captain Freeze threw the water at the dog and he fell down to the floor and lost his powers. When they got inside the jet they found a Rubik’s cube which can bring people back to life if you solved it. They kept it handy and flew to India.

When they got their mind, earth, fire and camouflage dog were there on the Taj Mahal. Then all of the dogs used their powers on Captain Freeze and The Flame. Then they broke the Taj Mahal and flew away. “How did some of the dogs come back to life,” said Electro Man as he took Captain Freeze and The Flame to the jet. In the jet, he saw the Rubik Cube again and tried to solve it. Just then Captain Freeze said “I believe in you” quietly. He tried solving it. After 5 hours he solved it and placed it in its spot. The two heroes woke up and fixed the Taj Mahal quickly.

Then they went to the Dogs in Nigeria and made a triangle with their backs. When they did that it made the best power in the world and blasted them into jail. Suddenly Officer Ethan came and said “I heard there was a crime scene going on here. “We took care of it,” said electro man.

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