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Good Deeds Done To Others Return Back To Us

“Good Deeds Done To Others Return Back To Us” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ishaan Aggarwal, Maharaja Agarsain Public School, India.

Good Deeds Done To Others Return Back To Us

One day a boy named Rohan was returning to his house from school. On the street side, he saw a puppy who was badly hurt. His leg was swollen and he was not able to walk. The puppy was literally crying in pain. Lot of people were passing by Puppy’s side but nobody showed any willingness to help the Puppy. Rohan decided to help the puppy and took him to his house. He bandaged the puppy with proper medicines and kept the puppy in the veranda of his house. Though his parents protested him against this but he promised to leave puppy outside his house in the next two days. He also gave food and milk to the puppy. The Puppy was very cute and Rohan’s parents also started loving it in the following two days and took equal care of Puppy. The Puppy fully recovered fully from the injuries in next two days and as promised with his parents, Rohan asked his parents if he should now leave puppy on the street but his parents instead asked Rohan that Puppy can live with them and started treating him as a family member. The whole family not only started taking care of the Puppy but also lots of other stray dogs. The dogs also started loving the family.

One night, when everybody was asleep, some burglars tried to enter into Rohan’s house but the puppy saw them. He started barking and the street dogs came by and they all started barking loudly. Everybody in the colony including Rohan’s family got awake and came out of their houses to check what’s happening. Seeing this, the burglars ran away. Rohan and his family thanked all dogs, especially the puppy they loved the most.

The moral of the story is that if you help others, be it human or animals, they will always help you in your need.

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