International Short Story Contests for School Children

Short Story Writing Contest

Kids World Fun, a renowned platform for young writers, held biannual short story writing competitions for school students globally from 2016 to 2020. With two contests organized each year, these events garnered a tremendous response, with thousands of students showcasing their creativity and literary skills. The contests not only offered participants the chance to gain global recognition but also awarded cash prizes, certificates, and the opportunity to have their captivating stories published on the Kids World Fun website.

The International Short Story Contests by Kids World Fun served as a launchpad for young talents to shine and be acknowledged for their exceptional abilities. The enthusiastic participation from students, parents, teachers, and school principals demonstrated the promising potential of the current generation. This initiative stands out as a testament to the imaginative prowess and skill of school students, cultivating a passion for writing and motivating them to further refine their craft in the realm of literature.

To explore the stories submitted by these contests, kindly follow the links provided below:

CONTEST 2020 #2

CONTEST 2020 #1

CONTEST 2019 #2

CONTEST 2019 #1

CONTEST 2018 #2

CONTEST 2018 #1

CONTEST 2017 #2

CONTEST 2017 #1

CONTEST 2016 #2

CONTEST 2016 #1

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