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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kids World Fun, an online portal for kids, teachers and parents. We bring to you a great number of interesting activities that range from interactive games to stories, poems, rhymes, crafts, easy math, quizzes, free educational resources and much more.

Kids World Fun is primarily a free, fast-growing kids’ website that aims at learning through fun. We provide valuable resources for teachers and parents too, such as tips for effective teaching and successful parenting. We update regularly, and therefore have the best and latest resources, activities and inspiring stuff. No more boring holidays, monotonous classes, uninterested children, or tired parents and teachers!

We invite you children, parents and teachers, to embark on this journey into the fantastic world of knowledge and have great fun on the way! All these resources are free for you. Browse, listen, read, play, and have fun!

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Study Tips

Useful information, successful techniques and tips for studying for children of all ages up to high school and college level. Read study tips online.


Did You Know?

Discover crazy and amazing facts about nature, science, history and much more at Kids World Fun. Heaps of interesting fun facts and figures for all.


Quotes For Kids

Inspirational quotes for children and family. A collection of selected motivational quotes from famous authors, newsmakers & celebrities.


Health Tips

Simple Health Tips for Kids and Parents – Ideas to help children be healthy and fit. Simple tips to help you raise kids who develop healthy eating habits!


Latest Updates

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has become so deadly that it has brought the entire world to a standstill, spreading fear and panic. Take a look at some important facts related to the disease.

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