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Short Stories and Poems

Cocoon and the Butterfly

Cocoon and the Butterfly is one of the amazing moral stories for kids explaining the importance of facing the challenges and struggles. No Pain, No Gain...

The Monkey and the Dolphin

Read the this inspiring short story online. It teaches the moral 'Those who lie and boast may end up in trouble'.

When Adversity Knocks

When Adversity Knocks is very simple yet highly inspiring story for kids, which tells how to face a difficult situation. Read here about Mary, how she was helped by her father with Eggs, Potatoes and Tea Leaves!

The Great Panchatantra Tales

The Panchatantra is a collection of folktales and fables that were believed to have been originally written in Sanskrit. Selected Panchatantra stories for kids.

Books for Kids

The Royal Raven

The Royal Raven is the story of a Raven who tried to alter the way he look to gain attention and the troubles he faced. It is a moral story for kids.

The Cat Woman and the Spinning Wheel

E-book - The cat woman and the spinning wheel and other stories by Diane Browne. A collection of six short stories set in Jamaica, including folk tales and stories about growing up.

Highlights Genies Magazine For Kid

Highlights Genies is a magazine for young pre-school kids in the age group 2 to 6 years. Our magazine review highlights why this magazine is a favorite with kids.

The Berenstain Bears go to School

This traditional Berenstain Bears story is an ideal way to educate kids about how much fun school can truly be! Perfect for back to school, regardless of what that appears like!

Learn with Fun

Mathematics Worksheets

Kids live in a colorful world. Teaching them the good manners may appear a terrible task for parents. However, providing them a source of inspiration will make things easier for you.

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). Download past year sample papers of English, Maths, Science, and Digital Technologies.

Learn Science - Staying Healthy

Staying healthy. Science lesson for grade 1 students. A clean body, clean teeth, clean hands, healthy food and exercise. Tips and worksheets.

Reading Comprehension Activities

Here is an English Reading Comprehension worksheet based on the famous story of the Gingerbread Man. Read, understand and answer, to learn English in a fun way.

Videos for Kids

Funny Magic Trick Videos for Kids

Magic performances and tricks involved - it throws light to the fact that magic only tricks our mind into thinking something impossible has happened.

Tangled - 3D Animation Movie

Tangled is a popular American 3D animated musical movie from Walt Disney Studios. This movie is based loosely on the German fairytale Rapunzel.

Spies in Disguise

Awesome Animation! ‘Big Buck Bunny’ is a short 3D animation movie created by the Amsterdam based 'Blender Institute’ and a small international team of creators. The story is simple, yet funny and well executed.

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is a popular 3D animated musical film from the house of Walt Disney. The movie is a sequel to the 2013 film, ‘Frozen’ which had garnered rave reviews from audience and critics alike.

Games for Kids

Match 3 Games for Kids

Play the best Match 3 games on your mobile, tablet and desktop for free. A safe site for children to play online games.

Cooking Games for Kids

Best collections of cooking games for children to play with fun online. Choose your favourite dish and start cooking. It is really very fun.

Action Games - Zombie Massacre

Free online action games for kids. Action games are a great way to unleash your inner hero while challenging foes to real-time combat. Play now!

Dress Up Games - Summer Lily

It is a free online dress up game for kids to improve the fashion senses of your children. Play the 'Summer Lily' dress up game online!

Fun Time

Children Humor and a Few Funny Jokes

The best collection of funny humour jokes for all age group. Read and share the jokes with your friends and family members. Enjoy!

Funny Images - World's Most Funny Pictures Collection

Here you can find a stunning set of funny images to share with your friends in social media platforms.

Math Fun

Learn maths through fun, games and activities. Find a variety of fun filled math educational materials here.

Funny Interview Questions and Answers

The questions are very funny and the answers are funnier. But you cannot answer it easily! Think out of the box! All these questions call for presence of mind and concentration.


DIY Temporary Tattoos

Learn how to make temporary tattoos that enhance the creative and artistic skills. You can try this at home.

Coloring Pages

Find the best online printable coloring pages for kids here. Download it for free.

Dough Art For Kids

Dough art preparation steps. It is quite easy to make and can be modeled into any shape. You can then paint them in bright colors.

Easy Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

Best and easy breakfast ideas and recipes for children. Try to make a difference and let them start loving to have the breakfast. Checkout today!

News & Articles

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Providing Safe Outdoor Play Options at Home

Kids love to play outdoors, and being a parent, it is our job to provide them safe playing options to let them grow and make memories to cherish when they grow up.

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