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Short Stories and Poems

The Three Cows

Short story 'The Three Cows' gives a moral Divide and Rule Policy which can be applied in certain situations of life.

The Ant and the Dove

It is beautiful short story for children. The moral of the fable is "One good turn deserves another." Read the story online.

The Apple Tree and the Farmer

Learn the life lessons through the moral stories for kids. This is the story of a kindest apple tree in the world, which shared a great bond with a boy. The life of apple tree is portrayed in this story, which closely resembles our lives in the modern world.

Short Poem - The Spider

The Spider - A short poem for kids to read and practice English. Read the poem online.

Books for Kids

e-Book - Hazel’s Secret Life

Tina had a pet dog, Hazel. Hazel was too fat and she didn’t know why! Can you help her find the reasons? Read this story eBook online.

Discovery Girls Magazine For Kids

Discovery Girls is a magazine for young girls in the age group 7 to 12 years. This magazine review highlights why this magazine is a favorite among young girls.

Pepper Learns Good Habits

Reading the story books that comes with morals of teaching good habits is one of the successful methods to teach good habits in children.

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird is one of the fascinating and must to read fairytales for kids!

Learn with Fun

English Grammar - Lessons and Exercises

Here are exercises in English grammar, categorised into beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can speak and write accurate English, using these online lessons.

Simple Math Quiz With Answers

Test your knowledge on Math with this Simple Quiz. Find out how much you know your Arithmetic. A great quiz for you and your kids.

Build Your English Vocabulary

Here is a fun chance to build your English vocabulary. Read the world-famous story of ‘the Gingerbread Man’ and answer these questions, to learn new words.

Different Branches of Science

How many branches of science do you know? Three or four or five? There are innumerable branches. Learn science online and learn about the various branches of science.

Videos for Kids

Nursery Rhymes - Are you Sleeping?

Are you Sleeping? - Animated nursery rhyme with lyrics. Watch popular children's nursery rhyme video online.

Animated Movie - Coco

Coco is a rich and visually pleasant movie which follows the life of 12-year-old, Miguel. Miguel stumbles into the stunning and colourful land of the dead following a mysterious chain of events.

Funniest Animal Videos

Engage yourself with uncontrollable laughter watching the funniest videos of animals! A lovable collection of premium videos provided for kids.

Jack and The Beanstalk - Short Story Video

Jack and the Beanstalk, one of the popular short story for children. It is a folk tale and modified slightly from the longer original version.

Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids

Find the largest collection of free online Educational Games for children to improve the brain power of your children. Play the best games online now!

3D Games for Kids

Play and enjoy the best 3D Games online on your mobile phone, tablet and desktop. Enjoy the excellent 3D graphics on your mobile.

Action Games

Free online action games for kids. Action games are a great way to unleash your inner hero while challenging foes to real-time combat. Play now!

Street Race Fury

Play racing games online for free. Best free racing games that every thrill-seeker should play on their smartphone right now.

Fun Time

Online Jokes for Kids

Online jokes - a collection of funny internet jokes that tickle you and fill your time with laughs.

Funny Questions and Answers

Fun is everywhere! Even the most stressful time can be transformed into joyful moments. There are few funny people who find humor and spread all over place! Kids are naturally filled with loads of humor.

Maths Fun For Kids

Learn maths through fun games and activities. A variety of fun filled math educational game for kids.

Silly Riddles for Kids

These riddles will assist in developing the kids reasoning and their creativity. These riddles can be great fun on a family car trip. Try these riddles and enjoy.


DIY Christmas Decoration Activities For Kids

DIY Christmas decoration activities for kids. Stick Christmas trees. Pinecone Christmas tree ornaments. Christmas mouse and reindeer.

Breakfast Recipes For Kids

Best and easy modern breakfast recipes for kids. Nutritious and simple breakfast recipes that will make life easy for mothers.

Little Windmills

Art and Craft - Little Windmills - Step by step instruction to make the little windmills craft for children.

Easy Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

Best and easy breakfast ideas and recipes for children. Try to make a difference and let them start loving to have the breakfast.

News & Articles

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Teaching Kids to Recycle

Children need to understand that recycling is the act of using their products and then sending them to be melted, ground, or shredded to be made into new items.

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