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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney’s charming and insightful sequel to the 2012 movie Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet, sheds light on both the wonders and the horrors of the Internet and tackles the complexities of the online world. It tells a strong tale of friendship within its framework of video game characters, social media platforms and other popular websites.

The story begins six years after the misadventures of Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz. They are now best friends and hang out every night after work at Litwak’s Family Fun Centre and Arcade. While Ralph is perfectly content with his existing life, Vanellope seems a bit ruffled with respect to her game’s content and desires to do something new. One day Ralph, sees this boredom, and decides to develop a secret bonus track during a race. An excited Vanellope tries the player control to test it, but the conflict between her and the opponent player results in the cabinet’s steering wheel popping off. Furthermore, Mr. Litwak attempts to re-attach the steering wheel back to the cabinet but accidentally breaks it in half. Now, the company that made Sugar Rush is not functional anymore, one of the kids finds a replacement for Mr Litwak on eBay. However, the final decision is that it is too expensive and this leaves them no choice but to unplug the game and renders all the game’s characters useless.

The same night, Ralph decides to enter the game via a Wi-fi router recently installed by Mr. Litwak himself to obtain the new wheel on eBay. Although they place the winning bid of 27,001$, they cannot pay the amount and need to make this payment within 24 hours. They hatch a plan of stealing a valuable car which belongs to a character named Shank who belongs to the game – Slaughter Race. Ralph and Vanellope steal the car but eventually they have to return it. In return, Shank actually compliments Vanellope’s driving skills and tells the duo of ‘Yesss’, a feature at Buzztube where Ralph decides to make a series of viral videos on popular trends in the market to raise the required money and to pay off their debts.

When Ralph’s idea takes off, Vanellope decides to join the staff of Yesss in their attempt to spam users with pop-up ads. Ralph convinces Yesss to send Vanellope to Oh my Disney where she meets the princesses of Disney and even makes friends with them. Now Ralph calls her back as he has procured enough money to purchase the wheel. But Vanellope does not show up at eBay. Then, Ralph overhears a conversation between Shank and Vanellope where Vanellope confesses that she wants to stay in Slaughter Race instead of Sugar Rush as she loves the unpredictability and challenges put forth by the game and the games makes her feel alive. Ralph is obviously horrified at the thought of Vanellope leaving him. So, he creates a character called ‘Spamley’ and finds a way to insert him in the game Slaughter Race and thus slow down the game. Also, the creature of the dark web, Double Dan gives Ralph an insecurity virus named Arthur which replicates any flaw it finds. Arthur too is left into the Slaughter Race and it replicates Vanellope’s glitch which calls for a reboot. Ralph then needs to rescue Vanellope before the virus deletes her from the game.

Vanellope assumes that the crash in the game was her doing. But she is furious to hear that Ralph was actually behind it. She throws the hero medal too. While Ralph recovers the medal, Arthur duplicates Ralph’s flaws into the game. This causes the creation of extremely violent and possessive Ralph clones to break the internet in their search for Vanellope. The real Ralph finds her and then creates an anti-clones’ software but the clones conjoin to become one as Ralphzilla, a huge automation of Ralph. Vanellope surrenders herself to him seeing no way out but Ralph refuses to accept defeat. He comes clean with his flaws and as soon as he does this the clones are dissolved and the Internet is restored. Ralph is also saved by one of the Disney princesses. Later, Vanellope is re-inserted into the Slaughter Race with the help of Shank. She remains in touch with Ralph through video chats and Sugar Rush is plugged back in.

This movie retains the wonders of the original and adds to it a charm of its own, making it a thoroughly enjoyable watch for kids of all ages!

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