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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

This Walt Disney Animation Studios production is a watch-as-many-number-of-times-as-you-like kind of movie for children. The name says it all! Big Hero 6 is a colorful, playful, action packed animated dynamite of a movie from the house of Walt Disney. The story unfurls an interesting plot -the unlikely friendship between an advanced robot and a young boy! Marked as one of the best animated movies, it has managed to occupy a special place in the hearts of children who have watched it. The Marvel Comics characters are featured in this movie as a special attraction!

Based on science fiction and robotics, the movie is set in the backdrop of future! Hiro Hamada is just a 14 year old boy, but an intellectual marvel. Just like children his age, he dislikes the ritual of studies, which he finds boring and utter waste of time. He quits high school and has no interest in college! He would rather spend time with robots. Interestingly, his elder brother pursues robotics in his engineering graduation, a fertile platform for little Hiro to be in close connection with his passion. With the invention of a new robot, Hiro’s life changes!

Impressed with his invention, University authorities admit Hiro  in the University and Hiro sets about the production of microbots (tiny robots). Shortly, Hiro realizes that the microbots are being stolen by a masked man. Meanwhile, he also activates Baymax, the giant sized, inflatable robot, invented by his brother.

The boy and his friend, teamed with Baymax, set out to reveal the identity of the masked man. They come across several obstacles in their mission of unmasking the masked man.  Are they able to accomplish their mission? How will they save themselves from danger?

It is evident that the production unit has done extensive research on robots. They have also gone through the process of professional consultation in many universities offering courses in robotics. The detailed animations are such pleasure to watch. The background score renders beauty and the right mood to the animation.

Being a futuristic movie, a lot of insights have been included in technology, education, engineering, science and robotics.
The movie conveys that sometimes problems cannot be solved with brutal force; but a simple idea can come handy.!
Although this is an animated movie for kids with traces of fun, this is not a typical super hero movie. You could say that it is something more than that.. Of course, the inflated robot will surely melt the heart of kids.

The animated movie won the 87th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Should you miss it?

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