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Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar

If you are looking for a really special entertainment movie for children, your search ends here -  Penguins of Madagascar is the one! An exclusive animated movie for kids and one that will surely take a place in your favourites collection of animated movies.

Most of you are familiar with the series of Madagascar Movies featuring different animals in lead roles. Penguins are casted as the power leaders with loads of fun in this gem from the Madagascar animated movie series. This is an exclusive animated film featuring penguins in the action.. ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ is a segregated spin-off to the series of Madagascar movies! It is not a sequel to the original Madagascar where you would have enjoyed watching Alex, the lion, hippo, giraffe and zebra!

The spy thriller fantasy and humor genre movie features the four spy penguins, Rico, Private, Skipper and Kowalski. These heroic penguins are faced with the biggest ever challenge in their lives. While the penguins are celebrating Private’s birthday, they are abducted and taken to Venice.

The movie has an evil scientist named Dr Octavius, none but who is mastermind behind the kidnapping of the penguins. He plans to destroy all penguins and wipe their species from the face of the earth. Dr. Octavius, who is an octopus who hates penguins for some reason of his own, plans the kidnapping, by disguising himself as a human doctor.  . Fortunately, the penguins of Madagascar are saved by a group of animals who run a spy agency. The leader of the group is North Wind, a gray wolf. The spy agency and the penguins decided to save the penguins from the evil grip of the scientist! The movie unfolds and moves towards how they succeed in defeating the scientist. The movie is rife with humor in myriad shades and loads of fun. 

The animated movie is very hilarious. It is a blockbusters and is loved by kids and adults alike, across different countries. The penguins teach some simple kid friendly lessons in a very simple tone. The animations are exceptional! Don’t miss out watching the smart, witty and intelligent penguins this holiday, if you haven’t watched it yet!

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