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Animated Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2

'The Angry Birds Movie 2' is a 2019 animated comedy based on Rovio Entertainment’s popular video game series. The film is a direct sequel to ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ which came out in 2016 and was directed by Thurop Van Orman and John Rice. The film featured the voices of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Tony Hale, Bill Hader, and Peter Dinklage along with JoJo Siwa, Awkwafina, Rachel Bloom, Sterling K. Brown and Brooklynn Prince joining the cast. In the movie, the birds team up with the pigs when an advanced weapon threatens the lives of both the birds and pigs at Bird and Piggy Islands.

Three years after the Birds destroy Pig City in retaliation of the theft of their eggs, Red is now the protector of Bird Island along with Chuck and Bomb. The pigs along with King Leonard Mudbeard are embroiled in a prank war with the birds. A giant ice ball from the Eagle Island hits the area near the Pig Island forcing the pigs to come to an agreement with the birds. Zeta, the leader of the Eagle Island wants to conquer the two islands with the ice balls from her super-weapon. A meeting in retired hero Mighty Eagle’s cave gets disturbed when an ice ball hits their base. The team travels to Eagle Island where Mighty Eagle confesses that Zeta was once his fiancée, but their engagement ended because of his cowardice. They invade the Island only to be capture, but the other team members disguise themselves as eagles and enter the base discreetly. As Red and Silver are frozen, Zeta plans to use her upgraded cannons to destroy the island, Red regrets not evacuating the island as Silver comforts him and they somehow escape, reuniting with the other members of the team who decide that the weapon must be destroyed. Their plans fail when Zeta and her team ambush them. Mighty Eagle tries to reason with Zeta but fails. Silver and Chuck attempt to destroy the super-weapon which inadvertently leads to the destruction of the base. Mighty Eagle protects his and Zeta’s daughter, Debbie which leads to Zeta softening her hatred of him. They get married and the three islands come to a hasty truce.

The film garnered praise for its humour and was greatly enjoyed by children who are familiar with the game. It has gained a fan base among children because of its humorous and light-hearted moments.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 - Watch Trailer
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