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The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets manages to bring together our favourite furry and fuzzy creatures bake to the fray. The writing as well as the sparkling character animation captures the nuances of the canines in a way that is sure to make every pet lover’s heart melt.

The story goes in this manner: Max (Jack Russell Terrier), a spoilt dog, lives with his owner Katie in their apartment in Manhattan. When Katie goes to work, Max spends his time with the other pets of the building: Chloe (a tabby cat), Mel (a pug), Buddy (a dachshund) and Sweet Pea (a budgerigar). One day, Katie decides to adopt a new dog, a large Newfoundland mix, called Duke, from the pound. This adoption leaves Max utterly jealous because of Katie’s divided attention on Duke. Duke, in turn, is very enraged about Max’s attitude towards him. In an act of revenge, Duke tries to abandon him and takes him to an alley. In the alley, they are attacked by a group of cats, led by a Sphynx cat called Ozone. Ozone removes the collars of both the dogs, making them appear as street dogs, and thus being caught by the animal control forces. Duke fears that he will be killed if he goes back to the pound. Meanwhile, Gidget, a Pomeranian, who is evidently and clearly in love with Max, discovers that Max is missing. Consequently, she decides to find him.

Then, Max and Duke are rescued by a white rabbit named Snowball who is supposedly the leader of a community called the Flushed Pets. This community consists of savage sewer-dwelling animals who absolutely abhor humankind because their owners flushed them down in order to get rid of them. Max and Duke cleverly pretend to hate humans as much as they do and are invited by them to join their gang. But in order to prove their loyalty, Max and Duke need to allow a one-fanged viper to bit them. Before they can do this, Snowball learns that Max and Duke are not stray but actually domesticated dogs. Max and Duke narrowly escape the sewer and get on a ferry to Brooklyn. They also inadvertently kill the viper in this process. Snowball vows to kill them for their cheekiness and leads all the flushed pets to chase them.

In parallel, Gidget, appoints Tiberius, a red-tailed Hawk to find Max. Tiberius accidentally locates Ozone instead, whom Gidget forces into telling all the information that he knows about the dogs. They then start off their journey to locate Max and Duke. On the way, they meet Pops, an old Basset Hound who helps them and they manage to find Max and Duke. Gidget and her team then encounters Snowball who threatens to kill them and leads the flushed pets after them.

Then Max and Duke raid a sausage factory for food. When they are there, Duke tells Max about his previous owner Fred who was an elderly man and who had adopted him as a puppy. Duke also talks about how Duke and Fred loved spending time together. But one day, Duke got lost while chasing a butterfly and was captured by Animal Control. And Fred never came to claim him. Max convinces him to go to Fred’s house which was in the neighbourhood itself. Max believed that Fred would still love Duke and would certainly take him back. When they arrive at Fred’s residence, they learn from the resident cat Reginald that Fred has died. Duke then accuses Max of having done this in order to get rid of him. He barks at the new homeowners who have just arrived. They call Animal Control immediately who come, and attack Max. Duke interferes to rescue Max but ends up being caught instead.

While trying to rescue Duke, Max is attacked by Snowball who tries to kill him. However, when Snowball’s gang is also captured, he decides to work with Max to save his friends and Duke respectively. The flushed pets encircle Max as they are unaware of his partnership with Duke but Gidget and her team rescue him. Seeing Gidget’s karate skills, Max falls in love with her. The pets finally manage to escape the van and return to the apartment.

Max expresses his love for Gidget, who returns his affection. Snowball and the flushed pets are plotting new schemes to destroy humans, but Snowball is adopted by a little girl named Molly and he too becomes a domesticated pet. Duke and Max finally re-unite with Katie and they live together. A true happily ever after story!

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