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The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the much-loved sequel to the 2016 movie- The Secret Life of Pets. It brings forth new pets alongside the original ones to kickstart another family franchise. The film is sporadically funny as it undertakes seeking an answer to the same question which was posed by the original film- what do pets do when their owners are away?

After the events of the first film, Max and Duke’s owner Katie gets married and even has a child named Liam. At first, Max feels a bit uneasy with the baby around, but soon he gets used to its presence. Max also develops an itch and gets a cone as treatment. Max is very happy when Duke informs him that the family is taking a road trip outside the city.

Max and his family reach a farm. However, Max is uncomfortable as he is not used to the ways of the farm including those of the sheepdog, Rooster. Rooster loses a sheep from his herd and takes Max along with him to find it. Rooster constantly encourages Max to act unafraid in all situations and they manage to find the lost sheep. Rooster also allows Max to stay overnight with him as a result. Rooster then gives Max a handkerchief to take back with him as a souvenir.

Before Max had left, he had gifted his favourite toy called Busy Bee, to his girlfriend Gidget. Unfortunately, Gidget loses Busy Bee in an apartment that is infested by cats and headed by a ‘cat lady’. So, she trains Chloe to ‘be a cat’ and manages to sneak into that apartment and gets her toy back. Unfortunately, the rest of the cats crown her as the new “Queen of Cats”.

Then Cloe and Snowball meet Daisy who explains that she needs the services of Snowball’s earlier badass persona in order to rescue a white tiger named Hu. Daisy had actually seen him when she was on a flight to the city and he was held captive by the owner of a Russian circus. So, Daisy, Snowball and Cloe sneak in and find Hu. With a lot of difficulty, they fight the black wolves and manage to free Hu from the circus. However, in the midst of it all, Daisy accidentally drops her flower clip which the wolves use to track her down.

Then Daisy and Snowball take Hu to Pops’ apartment. Pops is not happy with this arrangement and lets him stay but only for a night. But due to the destruction of his apartment afterwards, Hu is kicked out, so they let him hide in Max’s apartment. At the same time then, Max and Duke’s family also returns from their trip. And the wolves track Daisy down and chase her. They also capture Hu again. Daisy manages to distract him and sees him escaping in a train. She then summons Snowball, Max and the cats to chase the train down while also contacting Gidget for assistance. Gidget follows them in the cat lady’s car.

Snowball and Max then defeat the wolves and manage to free both Daisy and Hu from their clutches. Max, using the encouragement given to him by Rooster, gets into the train and kicks the wolves out with the help of the other animals. Before the ringmaster can act and harm the animals in any way, Gidget knocks him down and takes the pets back in the car. Finally, the life of the pets becomes normal again with Max and his family waving to Liam as he starts his first day of school.

The plot is carefully devised to entertain young audiences. The animation is clear and colourful, and it seems to hit the mark with its punch lines. The sequel remains charming and wondrously funny.

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