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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is an ideal summer watch for kids as it mixes cute characters, visually endearing animation, and a simple storyline. You find yourself chuckling throughout the course of the film, making it a worthwhile watch.

The story goes as follows. Peter Rabbit, his cousin Benjamin Bunny and his triplet sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail spend their free time stealing vegetables from Mr McGregor’s garden in England’s Lake District. They are also friends with a local woman named Bea who is a painter and paints the rabbits’ pictures as well as those of the surrounding areas. Bea has a motherly relationship with the rabbits after their mother’s death and also their father’s, who had been killed and eaten by Mr McGregor when the rabbits were still young. One day, after Mr McGregor dies of a heart attack, Peter Rabbit invites all the other rabbits to take over his manor.

In parallel, in London, McGregnor’s great grandnephew, Thomas, who is a control freak and a workaholic working at the toys department at the Harrods store is awaiting a promotion. He is indifferent to the news of his great grand-uncle’s death. Upon losing his position to a nephew of the managing director, he is enraged. His now former manager advises him to get a new hobby and to spend some time in the countryside.

At the same time, Thomas learns that the manor that he has inherited from his great grand uncle is a valuable property, he decides to appraise it and prepare it for a resale. With the money, he plans to open his own toy store and avenge his former employers. So, he kicks out the rabbits from the manor and tightens the security arrangements outside the manor. When Peter and Benjamin sneak back into it, he even attempts to drown Benjamin and kill him. But he is rescued by his cousins.

Thomas and Peter are at odds with each other and set up traps to cause disturbances to each other. Thomas and Bea on the other hand, fall in love which causes Peter to become jealous and thus want to separate them more. This war becomes dangerous when Peter rewires the electric fence outside the garden and Thomas attempts to bomb Peter’s burrow. When Peter diffuses the dynamite to prove to Bea that Thomas was using it to attack the burrow, he accidentally ends up knocking down the tree on top of the burrow, which crushes Bea's art studio. On seeing his, Bea breaks off with Thomas, ignoring all his explanations of his quarrels with the rabbits. Thomas goes back to London to work at Harrods again.

Now, Peter feels sorry for what he has done. When he learns that Bea plans to shift out from the neighbourhood, he heads off to London with Benjamin, in order to find Thomas. There, Peter apologizes for his part of the conflict and convinces Thomas to follow his heart. Then, they all go back to the country to clear the air about the dynamite. Finally, the misunderstanding is cleared, and Peter and Thomas apologize and convince Bea not to leave her home.

Thomas no longer wants to sell the manor as he wants to live in there with Bea but discovers that an unpleasant wealthy couple has already bought the house and finalized the sale. On hearing this, Peter and his friends use their tricks to force the couple out of the house, allowing Thomas to move back in. Thomas and Bea live there happily, and the rabbits are allowed to enter it anytime and take food from it too! Peter also restores his burrow and Thomas sets up his own toy shop in the village, where Bea showcases her illustrations of the rabbits.

This movie is adorable, and the scenery is fantastic! It puts a modern twist on Beatrix Potter’s original tale with lots of fun and animal action. So, get watching this one quickly!

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