Popular Animated Movies

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the sequel to the 2016 movie- The Secret Life of Pets. Continuing the story of Max the terrier and his pet friends, Max faces some major life changes. His owner gets married and has a baby now. The film revolves around the events that happen as the family takes a trip to the countryside.

Big Buck Bunny

An animated short film about a giant rabbit with a heart that's bigger than himself! When one sunny day three rodents harass him, he snaps and gets his revenge!


This delightful musical, Anastasia, is a children's cartoon based loosely on the myth of Anastasia's escape from Russia. Anastasia is the daughter of the Emperor of Russia, escapes a revolution and finally finds true love.

Alpha and Omega 3

Alpha and Omega is a 3D American-Canadian computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Crest Animation Productions. It follows the story of The Great Wolf Games, a contest where puppies from different packs compete.

Big Hero

Big Hero 6 - A movie based on the beautiful friendship between two characters, a human and a robot, one created by God and the other, by man himself.

Penguins of Madagascar

Colorful animated movie for children, completely packed with entertainment. The story revolves around how the spy penguins’ team wins an undercover operation. Visit to know more about animated movies for kids.

Despicable Me2

Despicable Me 2, widely known for the Minions, is one of the must-watch fun animated movies for kids. This movie is one that would feature in the top five on our exclusively handpicked collection of entertaining animated movies for kids!

Rio 2

What happens when birds are domesticated like humans? Won’t it be bad for the baby birds? Is this just the apprehension of the mother bird, Jewel or will it turn out to be true? Watch the colorful feast of birds in Rio 2! Visit us to explore more animated movies for kids.

Anna and the King

The wonderful story of Anna and The King is brought to life with spectacular animation to entertain young and old alike. Taking up the position as teacher of the royal children of Siam, Anna finds that her most difficult pupil is the Prince!


Tangled is a popular American 3D animated musical movie from Walt Disney Studios. This movie is based loosely on the German fairytale Rapunzel.

The Lion King

The Lion King is a well-loved and popular American musical released in 1994. It is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed animated movies from the house of Walt Disney.

The Lego Batman

The Lego Batman movie is a high intensity visual treat for Batman fans and non-fans alike. It is smart, funny, fast paced and turns out to be a sophisticated pop culture adventure.

Toy Story 4

In the exciting fourth instalment of the Toy Story series, Andy had donated his toys to Bonnie. Bonnie brings forth a new friend when she converts a spork into a toy and calls it Forky. Woody has a self-imposed duty of preventing Forky from throwing himself into the trash.

Early Man

Early Man is a 2018 animated comedy film directed by Nick Park. It is an amusing reimagining of the history of the Bronze Age and a clever physical comedy about the origin of the popular game - soccer!


Charming is a 2018 Canadian American comedy film that is not only entertaining but is at also easy to consume by the little ones. Even though the outcome may be predictable for adult viewers, the story is surprisingly original.