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Once Upon a Snow Man

Once Upon a Snow Man

Who does not remember the iconic film ‘Frozen’? And who would forget Olaf, the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman? ‘Once upon a Snowman’ is a film anchored in ‘Frozen’ and it spins a tale around Olaf, the snowman created by Elsa, the snow queen, before he meets her sister Anna, the rugged mountain man Kristoff, and Kristoff's loyal friend the reindeer Sven. This 2020 computer – animated fantasy short film was directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy, and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

As Elsa sings ‘’Let It Go”, Olaf is brought to life, but he has no sense of his own identity. He is knocked against a tree in the mountain side by Elsa’s flying cloak. Undeterred, Olaf decides to find his own individuality. He comes across Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna where Anna goes to get winter clothing. Anna exits without noticing him, carrying a bag of carrots. Oaken is not shocked by the sight of a living snowman, but Olaf is quite bothered that he is a snowman without a nose. He asks Oaken for something to put as his nose, possibly a carrot. But Oaken explains that his last batch of carrots is sold out, and gives Olaf various objects which he could use as a nose. One of the objects, a stereoscope with images of summertime, catches Olaf’s fancy. However, he finally settles for a sausage for his nose.

Olaf happily leaves with his brand new nose, but is chased through the snowy tundra by a pack of wolves which seem to appear out of nowhere. In the meanwhile, Anna and Kristoff the mountain man are arguing with each other about the concept of love. Olaf is unnoticed by them, but the wolves catch sight of Anna and Kristoff. Along with Sven the reindeer, Anna and Kristoff leap across the gorge after ditching their sleigh. Olaf in the meanwhile has been sliding along the mountainside and makes it to the bottom. There he spots a carrot that had got dropped, but it is soon crushed by the sleigh.

To make matters worse, Olaf’s sausage nose breaks, which depresses him. But when he sees one of the wolves longing for his sausage nose, Olaf gifts it to him, thinking that the wolf needs it more than him. The wolf is happy and licks him before leaving. Olaf comments to himself that the experience was like a warm hug to him, and this suddenly reminds him of the time Anna and Elsa playing and frolicking together as children. He comes to a realization of himself, and says “I am Olaf, and I like warm hugs”. As the movie ends, Olaf comes across Anna, Krisoff and Sven who give him a carrot nose.

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