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“Moana” is Disney’s CG-animated movie about an adventurous Polynesian princess who sails out on a daring quest to save her people from the threat of starvation. Moana of Motunui- is a woman of great bravery and curiosity about the world.

The sea beckons to Moana, often playfully even as Moana is just a little girl. But her father, the chieftain is overly protective of her and demands that she doesn’t wander away from the protective shelter of the island. His rule forbids anyone—not just his daughter—from sailing beyond the island's surrounding barrier reef. The danger is just too great to risk, according to him. They had been living like this- staying put in a place- for years.

It was a peaceful land, Moana would just have to accept that and wait for the day that she would lay a stone on the sacred site—like the ancestors who came before her—to become the first female chief of her people. But the sea never goes away and the persisting call gets to Moana. The never-silent hushing call repeats over and over again, telling Moana that something awaited her between the folds of the ocean. It seemed important and she needed to get out there and follow the journey she was destined for. Chief Tui, no matter how strict and respected he was, doesn’t succeed in holding her back.

Her unshakeable commitment drives Moana into teaching herself to sail and learning how to navigate using the stars all on her own. She goes forth on the mission in defiance and leaves the sheltering reef that surrounds her home to embark on her awe-inspiring journey.

Not long after she sets sail, she is joined by a legendary, muscled demi-God, Maui. Moana finds Maui on an island and the two are in a squabble from the first time they meet. Maui’s ego is as outsized as his body and he expects Moana to be awed by his amazing strength and shape-shifting tricks.But not a chance of that, they lock horns and the movie takes a humor kick as they journey together with their constant and funny stand-offs. Maui’s body is decorated with tattoos that come alive to rein in his egoistic eccentricities and serves as his conscience.

Together Moana and Maui team up to return a magical stone to its resting site under the sea and rectify an ancient transgression that had plagued the Pacific islands over the years—including, Moana’s home. On her adventure, Moana discovers the one thing she's always pursued: her own identity. She is met with a deep connection to her ancestors and their seafaring culture within herself.

“Moana” is an elemental tale of how a Chieftain’s daughter chooses to be a forward-thinking leader of her people on her own terms. She is wise and brave beyond her age and respects her people’s traditions while blazing her own trail to the future. The movie gives it’s viewers an uplifting experience with the framework of female empowerment induced in style and accompanied with grace and passion. The characters shine and stand out individually just as they complement each other as part of a large cast. The catchy tunes, clever gags, dazzling visuals and sometimes scary moments give an overall fun performance for the children. It is a must watch for girls and boys alike, irrespective of their age. It is a family entertainer that teaches the importance of listening to your heart and pointing out that you needn’t sit around and wait for others to save the world, pave the path for the change you want to see.

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