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Onward, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, is a computer-animated fantasy film released in 2020 by Walt Disney Pictures. It is directed by Dan Scanlon, and the screenplay is written by Jason Headley, Keith Bunin and Scanlon. The film stars the voices of Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Onward tells the story of two elf brothers who are on a mission to find an artifact that will bring back their dead father.

The movie is set in modern times, portraying Ian Lightfoot as a teenaged elf who has issues with his self-confidence and his older brother, Barley, as an impulsive and enthusiastic role-playing gamer. When Ian turns sixteen, Laurel, the boys’ mother, gives them a gift from their father Wilden, who had died before Ian was born. The gift included a rare Phoenix gem, a magical staff and a letter describing a spell that can bring back Wilden to life for a single day. Ian successfully casts the spell but is interrupted by Barley before he finishes it. Therefore, only the lower half of Wilden’s body is formed as the gem disintegrates. The brothers set out on a mission to find another gem and complete the spell before sunset. Laurel decides to follow the boys.

Ian and Barley visit Manticore’s Tavern, a family restaurant managed by Manticore (Corey). In the course of an argument with Ian over a map that might lead them to the gem, Corey loses her temper and accidentally sets fire to the restaurant, destroying the map. Now the only clue the brothers have of the map is a children’s menu that suggests a nearby mountain, ‘Raven’s Point’. Laurel who had been following her sons arrives, and becomes friends with Corey. Corey warns Laurel of a curse that guards the gem. The curse can be defeated only by an enchanted sword. They steal a sword from a pawn shop, and sets out in pursuit of the boys.

In the meanwhile, Barley and Ian are arguing about which path to take to the mountains. Barley wants to follow the ‘Path of Peril’ but Ian insists on the freeway. As they travel, Ian learns magic spells from Barley. They escape a gang of pixies and have an encounter with the police. Ian accidentally reveals that he thinks of Barley as a screw-up. By way of an apology, Ian gives in to Barley and agrees with the idea of following the Path of Peril. Ian is able to walk across a bottomless pit using a spell, and this boosts his self-confidence. Meanwhile, Laurel’s boyfriend Colt Bronco arrives, and compels them to come home. But as they drive away the police chase them. After evading the police successfully, they reach ‘Raven’s Point’ and explores it. Barley confesses that he was too scared to say goodbye to Wilden while he was dying. In the course of their journey through the cave, the brothers escape from a series of traps. Upon emerging from the cave, they find themselves standing in front of Ian’s high school. Ian is angry with Barley for leading them on a fruitless journey, and walks away. However, he soon realizes that Barley has been a father figure to him always, and returns. In the meanwhile, Barley discovers the much-needed gem inside a fountain near the school and gets it, which triggers a curse: a stone dragon that claims the gem to be his own. However, Ian is able to finish the visitation spell, and Barley gets to wish the fully resurrected Wilden a final goodbye. Then he uses the magic he has learnt to defeat the dragon. After Wilden disappears, Barley tells Ian that their father was proud of them both and they hug each other.

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