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Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

The exciting fourth instalment of the Toy Story series, brings forth memorable new friends who are enwrapped in interesting new adventures. The story is poignant and should appeal to audiences of all ages. The film also incorporates the touching themes of friendship, loyalty, and imagination.

The movie starts in the past time, in Andy’s childhood, to be precise. During Andy’s childhood, approximately, nine years ago, his sister had given away her toy, Bo Peep and her sheep. Woody had considered going with her, but he withdrew the idea when he realised that Andy was still small and needed him. Two years after this episode, Andy had donated his toys to Bonnie and Woody and the rest of the toys were very happy with the proposition and in their new lives. Now Bonnie was ready to join school. Woody worries that she might be scared for her kindergarten orientation, so he sneaks into her backpack.

A naughty class fellow throws away Bonnie’s materials for the art and craft lesson into the dustbin. Woody secretly recovers the same and along with them comes a spork. Bonnie converts the spork into a toy and calls it Forky. At Bonnie’s house, Forky experiences an existential crisis and believes that he is actually a piece of trash and not a toy. Forky has now become Bonnie’s favourite toy so Woody has a self-imposed duty of preventing him from throwing himself into the trash.

On the family trip, Forky throws himself out of the window and is chased by Woody. Woody explains to him his importance in Bonnie’s life. Finally, Forky decides to return to her. Woody spots Bo’s old lamp in an antique shop next to the park where Bonnie’s family is staying. He and Forky decide to go to the shop to find more about it. Inside the shop, Woody and Forky encounter a doll. Her name is Gabby. Gabby also has her army of dummies called the Bensons. Gabby offers to take the pair to Bo but also tells them of her evil plan to steal Woody’s voicebox. This is because her own voicebox is broken and no child is ready to purchase her for this reason. Woody manages to escape the dummies who are chasing him on her orders, but Gabby manages to capture Forky. At a playground nearby, Woody finds Bo and her sheep who now live there as “lost toys”. Bo agrees to help Woody save Forky and also promises to help them get back to Bonnie.

In parallel, Buzz sees that Woody has not been in sight for a few hours. He listens to his inner voice and seeks its help. When he is taken as the carnival prize in a playground, he escapes with the other toys Duckie and Bunny. Then they are reunited with Woody and Bo and with the other toys Giggles and Duke Caboom. They all try hard but fail to rescue Forky. Bo is now unwilling to risk her life again and leaves when Woody insults her. Woody now encounters Gabby again. Gabby has a secret hidden desire to be owned by and cared for by the store owner’s granddaughter -Harmony. On hearing this, Woody agrees to give her his voice box in return for Forky.

Then, Woody and Forky watch Gabby being rejected by Harmony. Woody sends Forky with a message for Buzz to meet them at the carnival’s caraousal. Woody comforts Gabby and invites her to become Bonnie’s toy. Bo and her friends return to the carnival. The toys also manipulate the controls of the RV which in turn prevents the family from escaping the premises. Gabby then chances upon a little girl sitting in one corner of the carnival and crying. She decides to become the toy of that child. Gabby also helps her approach a security guard and thus be reunited with her parents.

Finally, Woody and Bo share a teary goodbye. Buzz reassures him that Bonnie will be okay without him. Deciding to stay with Bo, Woody bids his goodbye to Bonnie’s toys and gives Jessie his sheriff badge. The RV departs with Bonnie's toys. Later, on her first day of her first-grade session, Bonnie makes another new toy: a female plastic knife, to whom Forky introduces himself.

This is perhaps the final instalment of the much-loved series and it blends perfectly into the genre of action-comedy movies. So, it should be on everyone’s list of must-watch movies.

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