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Zootopia is one of the best movies that Disney has brought out. The movie is clever, heartwarming and a fast-paced animated plot that will take you to a world where animals have evolved past the predator-prey rule of nature. They are animals who walk, talk, clothe, have day-jobs and live in peace.

We are introduced to Judy Hopps, a smart little bunny who finds it hard to settle into the carrot farming business with her parents and 225 siblings. She aspires to and finally fulfills her dream of joining the police force but soon realizes how hard it is as the first rabbit in the force, to enforce law. Nevertheless, Judy doesn’t give up.

Judy soon meets Nick Wilde, a fox who is a con artist. He tricks Judy at an elephant ice cream counter and it is too late to do anything about it when Judy realizes what happened. The two end up together again as Judy finds out that Wilde was the last one to see an otter who had mysteriously gone missing and she tricks the trickster into helping her track him down.

The investigation soon comes to an end when they find Otter but this is where we see what Zootopia is actually about. Prey animals make up 90% of Zootopia’s population and as prey animals they are at a disadvantage against the predators, naturally. The result of the investigation makes the majority fear the minority; this holds a deeper social meaning in the context of the world we live in.

The fun Disney movie gives us a real look at what happens when we live in a world of diversity. It is not always peaceful and pretty when people with a lot of differences live crammed together in the same space.

Zootopia, as a movie, doesn’t preach or try to push us to follow a lesson. But there is a lot to be learned from this movie and it has the potential to make us feel deeper about many social issues that the movie bring forth.

Zootopia provides everything you need as a family entertainer. The characters look amazing and seem very much alive. Also, each frame in the movie is so detailed that you will find yourself scanning the frames for them throughout the movie. There are many jokes in the movie for adults that the children would not notice or understand. References to movies like Breaking Bad and The Godfather are some of them. There is so much for our young audience to laugh their heads off too. All this come with deep messages about team work, empathy, courage and the dangers of stereotyping others.

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