Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha is a popular animated movie produced in Japan. An English version was made available to children who love animated movies.

Choosing the right animated movies for kids is a challenging task. You have to pick the right one that entertains the kids as well educates them in some way. Also, too much crime or exposure to violence can be harmful to the emotional development of children. Street Fighter Alpha, animated version, is one of the kid- friendly animated movies.

The movie was made in Japan as Street Fighter Zero. It was based on the popular street fighter flighting games. Manga Entertainment, the famous establishment that involves in manufacturing, trading or selling movies, games and books related to kids made this movie in English and named it, Street Fighter Alpha. The movie was released in the year 2000 and it is a prequel and sequel movie to Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV respectively. However, this movie can be enjoyed by kids independently.


The story of the movie is a simple one, loved by kids. A super power destroying the evil.

Ryu and Ken were friends. They learned martial arts from a master Gouken. However, Ryu and Ken had different ideologies. They departed from each other due to their differences. One day, their master Gouken was found dead in a mysterious way. The friends met again after years to mourn for the death of their master. However, they didn’t have sufficient time to spend together. Besides, Ryu met a boy called Shun who claimed to be Ryu’s brother who was lost several years ago.  Ryu and Shun became close pals. Meanwhile, Ryu realized that an evil power is troubling and influencing him. The power is called Dark Hadou. This evil power earlier consumed a superior Martial Art artist called Akuma, a greatest student of Master Gouken Now, the same Dark Hadou threatend to attack and consume Ryu! Besides, a bad scientist wanted to grab the evil power from Ryu!

Who is Shun? What happens to Ryu and the bad scientist? Did his friend Ken help him? Who killed Master Dark Hadou? Find answers for all these questions watching the animated movie.

It is a pretty good animated movie. Although animations aren’t superlative, it is worth a watch. Secondly, there are some good fight sequences in the movie along with some emotions. The animated movie is a more powerful version of the action movie, as the animated version made it unique from the typical stereotypical English movie.

The scenes where Ryu controls himself from getting exposed to the evil power are excellent. Length of the movie is around one and half an hour. Thoroughly enjoyable movie!

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