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The Lego Batman

The Lego Batman

The Lego Batman movie is a high intensity visual treat for Batman fans and non-fans alike. It is smart, funny, fast paced and turns out to be a sophisticated pop culture adventure. It is a clever and creative film packed with action in every shot.

The movie is naturally set in the DC superhero dimension of the Lego Universe, where Batman is still the hero. He continues to protect the city and fight all the evil present in the city. In a recent mission to prevent Joker (the anti-hero) from destroying the city, he hurts Joker’s feelings by telling him that he is not as important as he thinks he is. Joker is extremely upset over this statement and vows to seek ultimate revenge from Batman for doing this. On the following day, Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, attends the city’s winter gala. The event is to celebrate the retirement of the Commissioner- Gordon and also the ascension of his daughter, Barbara, as the new police commissioner of the city. But in the event, Bruce is infuriated by Barbara’s decision to restructure the police team and to make it capable of functioning smoothly and efficiently without the need of a batman figure. Also, Joker gate crashes the event with all the city’s other villains and creates havoc for all. All the villains surrender at this encounter except Harley Quinn who manages to disappear during the confusion.

Batman suspects that his archenemy is up to something evil again. So, he plots to steal Superman’s device known as Phantom Zone Projector. Using this device, he can banish anyone to the area known as the Phantom Zone where most of the dangerous villains of the Lego universe live. He is interrupted in his plan by his servant Alfred, who advises him to take care of a boy named Dick Gayson, whom Bruce had earlier adopted as his ward during the gala. Batman is not very willing to do so but he makes Dick into Robin and the pair manages to successfully take the Phantom Zone Projector from the Fortress of Solitude and break into Arkham Asylum to send Joker to the Phantom Zone. Suspecting that the Joker wanted to be sent there, Barbara locks up both Batman and Robin.

While the Projector is seized as evidence of crime, Harley steals it back as part of Joker's plan and frees him. This allows Joker to return to Gotham with all the villains he had recruited in the Phantom Zone; some of which are King Kong, the Gremlins, the Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys, a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Velociraptor, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, the Jaws’ great white shark, the Daleks, Lord Vampyre, The Evil Mummy, Swamp Creature, Medusa, Agent Smith and his clones, Skeleton Warriors, General Zod, and the Kraken.

Barbara realizes that the city does need a Batman and so she releases Batman and Robin. She then joins them and Alfred to attempt to stop the Joker in his plans. Upon reaching Wayne island, Batman, though he trusts the new members of his team, asks them to go back as he fears losing them like he lost his family. Joker, on facing him alone, puts him into the Phantom Zone and steals the stash of confiscated bombs in the Batcave. When Batman arrive in the Phantom Zone, he realises that his selfishness has caused harm to everyone and he slowly accepts his fears. He makes a smart deal with the gate keeper of the Phantom Zone named Phyllis. Batman says that he should be allowed to go back to Gotham to get back the escaped prisoners of the Phantom Zone. Then, Batman arrives in time to save his teammates, apologizing to them for leaving them, and requesting their help to stop Joker.

Batman converts Barbara into Batgirl when he knows of Joker's plans to use the explosives (which he had taken) to destroy the city's energy resources. Then, he along with his team and Gotham City's other villains, who felt neglected by Joker, manage to successfully send the escaped villains back to the Phantom Zone. However, the group fail to stop Joker's bombs going off as the explosion begins to tear the city apart at the plates beneath the ground. Batman understands that all of this was his fault and convinces Joker that Batman is considered to be a hero only because of Joker’s presence in his life as an anti-hero. Then they, their friends and allies, and the city's inhabitants, make a human chain by linking themselves together and pull the plates back together, thus saving the city.

When the city is saved, Batman goes back to the Phantom Zone in order to complete his deal. But he is rejected entry by Phyllis who believes that Batman is a hero and seeing how much he had changed to save everyone.

Afterwards, Batman allows Joker and the rest of his villainous team to temporarily escape with the confidence that whenever they return, they will be no match for the Batman family who would have grown stronger and more powerful by then. The movie ends with Batman spending a new life with his family.

All of that said, what's particularly pleasing about this franchise is how much attention has obviously been paid to story development and on the positive take-aways for kids and families.

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