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The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is a wonderfully imaginative film that explores the themes of sibling rivalry, children’s dependence on parents and the feeling of being “wanted” in an interesting and child-oriented manner. The plot follows a baby who is actually a secret agent for the war between adult love for humans and puppies.

The narrator is a 7-year-old boy named Tim who is a happy and only child. He is pampered to the extent that he refuses to have a brother one night as his parents tuck him to bed. But the truth in fact is that his mother is pregnant.

That night Tim goes to sleep wondering how it would feel to have a baby brother. Parallelly, at an assembly line, babies are being generated in a so-called baby factory. One baby out of the lot seems to be more curious and alert than the others. The machine flashes “management” instead of ‘family” for this particular baby and he is shown as being cruel and cold. The next day he arrives at Tim’s home in a business suit and in a taxi. Tim cannot digest the attention being showered upon him.

Soon, after observing the ‘baby’ for some time, Tim learns that the baby is actually an adult. The ‘baby’ has meetings disguised as ‘playtime’ with the other babies (agents) in his neighbourhood and introduces himself as the ‘boss’. Seeing this as an opportunity to get rid of him, Tim records this conversation but fails in his attempt to show the cassette to his parents as evidence, as the boss baby and his team succeed in destroying the evidence. After this incident, Tim is grounded for three weeks.

Later, the Boss Baby apologises to Tim and makes him suck a special pacifier to introduce Tim to his world. The pacifier actually transports Tim to the place where the boss baby worked. He worked for Baby Corp and was intelligent by drinking a special drink. His seniors had threatened to take away that drink if he failed in this mission. Tim learns that the boss baby was in his house as his parents worked for Puppy Co which was the largest pet organisation. According to sources, Puppy Co was to launch the cutest puppy of all times that month in Las Vegas and the boss baby was tasked with getting information about the puppy before the launch. Tim agrees to work with the boss baby and help him get the information that he wanted.

Soon, Tim and the boss baby become good friends and start helping each other. Tim’s parents are also happy to see this change as they see it as a growing bond between the brothers. Little do they know of their plans. They even lift away Tim’s grounding and take him along to the ‘Take your child to Work Day’ by Puppy Corp. There, they learn that the secret information is a concept of a ‘Forever Puppy’ and it is being made by one of Baby Corp’s ex bosses, Francis Francis, who is disillusioned by Baby Corp. He was kicked out of the organisation due to his lactose intolerance which made the baby formula work less efficiently. Now, he plans to overshadow human love for babies forever with his idea of the cutest, warmest, furriest symbol of love- The Forever Puppy.

Tim’s parents go with Francis to Las Vegas and Francis appoints his brother, Eugene to play their babysitter while they are gone. Despite their attempts to evade the babysitter they are unable to reach the airport to caution Tim’s parents on time. However, they sneak on another flight to Vegas. There, they interrupt Francis’ presentation. An angry Francis captures Tim’s parents and ties them to a rocket that was intended to launch the Forever Puppies. Tim and the boss baby defeat Eugene but are intercepted by the boss baby, who they puss off to a ledge where he tumbles into a pot full of the baby formula (to which he is intolerant). Then the boss baby opens the rocket to let out the puppies so that they can save Tim’s parents.

All is well. The Boss Baby is promoted and leaves. Tim goes back to being the only child. But he and the boss baby terribly miss each other. They write each other letters too. One day, the boss baby resigns from Baby Corp and goes back to the assembly line machine to be “born” into Tim’s family. Tim wakes up in the morning to see a baby come home, this time in a onesie. Adult Tim finishes narrating the story to his daughter in the hospital baby ward where they have come to see Tim’s second daughter. The first daughter asks him if it is a real story and the second daughter winks at her sister, while wearing a suit.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie filled with hilarious sequences that you can enjoy with your whole family.

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