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Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a pleasurable watch with its astonishing visuals and kinetic karate moves. A simple formula is done surprisingly well, and the animation brings the likeable panda to life. The light and goofy fight scenes are literally the heart of the film and can be enjoyed by both adults and grown-ups with a bag full of popcorn.

The story is as follows. In the realm of the spirits, Oogway fights against his bull adversary named Kai who has defeated all the other Kung Fu masters in the realm and taken their chi. In the process, Oogway too is captured and his chi is stolen, but he manages to warn Kai that the dragon warrior, Po will stop him. Kai takes this up as a challenge to steal the Dragon warrior’s chi and then returns to the realm of the mortals.

In parallel, Master Shifu announces his retirement from the field of teaching and passes his legacy and the role of the teacher to Po. Po is extremely excited at first, but soon realises that Kung Fu is not as easy as he had expected it to be. The Furious Fives are injured in the process as well. Po is consequently demoralised as a result and talks about it to Shifu. Shifu encourages him and tells him that instead of trying to be like Shifu he should try to be like himself. Po returns home. There, he meets a panda named Li. Soon both Po and Li realise that they are actually a long-lost biological father-son duo. They get along pretty quickly, much to the annoyance of Po’s adoptive father, Mr Ping.

Po then introduces Li to Shifu and to his other friends. Then Po and Five defend the Valley of Peace from the Jade zombies that Kai has created from the chi of the past Kung Fu masters. The team also learns that Oogway and Kai were once brothers. After Oogway was injured in a battle, Kai had carried him to a village of pandas who had healed him using their mastery of chi. The pandas had then taught Oogway how to utilise chi to help others. However, Kai had wanted the chi all to himself and had also wanted to steal the Panda’s chi. This had forced Oogway to banish him to the realm of the spirits. Now, in order to defeat Kai, Po must learn to master the use of the chi for himself. Li takes Po to teach him the same in his secret panda village and tells him that he must first learn to live the life of a relaxed Panda.

Meanwhile, Kai takes the chi of nearly every Kung Fu master in China including that of Shifu and the Furious Five except Tigress who manages to escape and warns Po and the other Pandas that Kai is coming. Afraid, Li and the pandas prepare to run away but Po demands that he must be taught to use the chi at once. Li confesses that he lied to him about his chi mastery as he was afraid to lose him again. Po is hurt to hear this and isolates himself to train vigorously in preparation of fighting for Kai. Mr Ping, who realises that Po has become happier in his life with Li around, tells Li that Po will forgive him sooner or later. Li goes back to Po and tells him that the pandas will help him fight Kai’s army. Po agrees and decides to use their everyday activities as Kung Fu skills.

Kai arrives and sends his minions to capture Po who in turn sends the pandas, Ping, and Tigress upon them, thus distracting Kai. They defeat the zombie army and Po also tries to use his signature karate moves but unfortunately those don’t work on spirit warriors. Po then harnesses his chi and creates a dragon warrior which he uses to overthrow Kai and destroys him and restores all the fallen masters to normalcy again. Oogway states that Po’s journey as a dragon warrior has come a full circle and declares Po to be his successor. Po and his extended family then return to the valley and continue practicing Kung Fu and chi.

The storyline is well-placed, and the movie has a creative atmosphere in the very existence of Kung Fu, thus rightly justifying its name.

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