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Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes, like its predecessor, Gnomeo and Juliet, has a compelling storyline, strong character development, and some hilarious action sequences. There are noteworthy vocal sequences and elements of creatively that sparkle throughout the film.

The plot of the movie runs as follows. Sherlock Gnomes, and his assistant, Gnome Watson, barge into London’s natural history museum where their nemesis, (a pie mascot by the name of Moriarty) is holding Gnomes as hostage. After a brief battle that ensues, Moriarty is crushed by a dinosaur skeleton.

In parallel, Gnomeo and Juliet and their fellow gnomes move to London. There, this couple is declared to be the new leaders of the garden. Gnomeo soon feels neglected by Juliet’s newfound focus on the garden and its improvement. Gnomeo leaves to find a new flower centrepiece but is nearly caught in a shop forcing Juliet to come and rescue him. This also causes a heated argument among them and some harsh words are exchanged. Then, they return to the garden and find the rest of the gnomes missing. Sherlock and Watson immediately arrive to investigate the matter. Gnomeo and Juliet help them escape a sewer flood following which Sherlock agrees to join forces.

Sherlock believes that Moriarty has survived their last encounter and taking clue from that it leads them to Chinatown. In Chinatown, they find their next clue at Curly Fu’s emporium and escape a group of enraged Maneki-nekos, whom Sherlock had previously offended. They go to the natural history museum where Gnomeo suggests that they should look but Sherlock wanders into an art gallery instead. Gnomeo goes to the museum anyway with Watson in pursuit but is kidnapped by Gargoyle. Gnomeo is kept with the rest of the gnomes and informed that they will all be destroyed during a fireworks celebration in the evening. Meanwhile, Sherlock figures that his next clue is at the park and disguise themselves to find clues there.

Gnomeo tries to free himself and the gnomes but only he and the Red Goon Gnomes are able to escape before the Gargoyles arrive. The next clue leads Sherlock and Juliet to a doll shop where they meet Sherlock’s former fiancé Irene who kicks them out. She only allows Juliet in and gives her the clue that leads them to Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London. They finally discover that Watson is the mastermind behind all of this, and it was him who had pretended to be Moriarty to get through to Sherlock. He was discouraged by Sherlock’s lack of appreciation for him and said to have all the gnomes in his custody, only to find them all missing. Also, the Gargoyles reveal that they never worked for Watson, and capture Sherlock, Watson, and Juliet on a ship.

Sherlock realises that the gnomes are trapped at the bottom of the Tower Bridge and Moriarty plans to smash them with the raised bridge, revealing that he was really behind everything. After seeing Sherlock’s mistreatment of Watson, Moriarty had the Gargoyles pretend to work for him only to track the whereabouts of the gnomes. Sherlock and Watson agree to work together for one last time to save the gnomes.

Gnomeo is able to defer the opening of the bridge as the Red Goon gnomes pretend to be humans. Watson frees the trapped gnomes, Juliet and Gnomeo defeat the Gargoyles. Sherlock throws Moriarty over the bridge but Watson saves him with a cane. Moriarty floats away helplessly and vows to take revenge as he floats away. Sherlock finally appreciates his friend and reconciles with him. The gnomes, Sherlock, Watson, Gnomeo and Juliet then celebrate this victory and they watch the fireworks together.

The movie boasts of some moments of genuine inspiration and has a certain playful and buoyant energy to it.

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