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Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is a 2018 Chinese American animation film that is set against the stunning Chinese countryside. The values it propagates includes a strong sense of community spirit, a kindness and consideration for other people’s needs, and a sense of gratitude for your family and friends.

The story is that of Peng who is a young, immature, overconfident and a carefree goose, who loves to flout rules and cause trouble for his flock. His flock is migrating to the south as part of their annual winter migration routine. To prove his point, he decides to hold back and race his flock to the destination instead. His attitude and demeanour are thoroughly disapproved by the group leader- Bing. Bing and the flock abandon Peng, while he is asleep. Meanwhile a pair of ducklings, Chi and Chao, is separated from their flock due to a careless stunt by Peng. To hide from a sinister cat named Banzou, the ducklings end up sleeping with Peng who they see fending off Banzou. Peng is surprised by their presence near him and ends up flying away carelessly again, thus hurting one of his wings. Helpless and frightened, he decides to use to ducklings to escape his predators and to return safely to the flock. The ducklings reluctantly agree to go with him.

After a series of misadventures, the little ducklings start to grow fond of Peng. Returning the affection Peng decides to reunite the ducklings with their flock. However, before he can set out to do this, he encounters his own flock. Chi and Chao discover his true intentions and decide to go their separate ways. The two groups are also separated and try to get to their destinations. Peng then attempts to fly again but is soon knocked down by a hermit squirrel named Carl. Carl then builds a makeshift wing for Peng who uses it to head back to Chi and Chao. However, when they all reunite, the ducklings realise that Pleasant Valley is actually a place where little ducklings are served as meals. Peng manages to rescue Chi and Chao but, in the process, the little ducklings are captured once again by Banzou. Peng attempts to fight Banzou but is seriously injured in the process.

Now a weakened Peng tries to bring Chi and Chou back to his flock, but his condition is worsened due to the occurrence of a snowstorm. The ducklings help him fly towards a stream where they see the rest of the geese flocked. Peng then accidentally remembers a honk that his girlfriend Jingjing had taught him and to his utter surprise, Jingjing ends up recusing him in the process. The geese also welcome the ducklings to their flock, including Bing who confesses that he had been wrong in his assessment of poor Peng. Peng also introduces his girlfriend to the rest of the geese and to the ducklings and jokes about increasing the size of their flock.

In the end credits scene, Larry, the turtle, comes to the Pleasant Valley to see that everyone has already gone, and no one lives there anymore.

The journey is madcap with an adventure full of fun, laughter and perils. Throughout this journey, Peng learns the value of becoming a better person and sticking by his loved ones through thick and thin.

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