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Charming is a 2018 Canadian American comedy film that is not only entertaining but is at also easy to consume by the little ones. Even though the outcome may be predictable for adult viewers, the story is surprisingly original.

The story is as follows. Prince Phillipe Charming is a prince. He was cursed around twenty-one years ago by his father’s former lover named Nemeny Neverwish who was jealous of him not being able to marry her. Charming has the irresistible power to bewitch every woman that he lays his eyes on. And he happily continues to do this until his twenty first birthday. The curse also states that after his twenty first birthday, all the true love in the world will disappear. The only way for Prince Charming to break this spell is to find his true love and to be with her forever. However, there is a twist to the tale as Charming has proposed to three bachelorettes at once! Their names are Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. These poor girls are themselves unaware of the fact that they are engaged to the same guy. Seeing all this, Charming’s father decides to kick him out of the house and sends him off on a quest known as Gauntlet. Along the way, true love begins to blossom.

In parallel, Lenore, a jewel thief has also been cursed by Nemeny Neverwish. Her curse to Lenore makes her incapable of feeling or receiving any love. As she is in the palace for another robbery, she hides in the bakery to avoid the royal guards. All of Charming’s fiancés also walk in at that time. Lenore disguises herself as the baker, steals their possessions and lets them know that all of them are engaged to the same person. This news causes a scandal in the kingdom. Lenore is arrested and bribed by the princesses’ guardians to go to the Fire Mountain in the Gauntlet where Prince Charming is. Lenore agrees to do it for money. To avoid letting Prince Charming know about her true identity and to escape the guards’ eyes, she poses as a man named Lenny. This is to help her find out how Prince Charming reacts in front of women.

Prince Charming and Lenore travel through the many obstacles posed by the Fire Mountain. First, they are attacked by a tribe of giant women known as the Matilija. But here too, Charming’s charm works wonders and saves them from being eaten. While Charming is being anointed nearly by all the tribal women, Lenore is taken in by the Half Oracle. There, she is informed that Charming might be her true love. Charming then manages to rescue Lenore and set her free from the chains. After escaping and returning a ruby heart to the monster, Lenore’s curse seems to be fading away as she starts developing feelings for Charming. She sets up a date for them at Dainty Dish, a local eatery. However, Nemeny finds out about this plan and plants another curse so that all local women are attracted to Charming instantly. Lenore is sad to see Charming surrounded by so many other women.

Yet, they continue to the Fire Mountain and Lenore is given her reward. Charming is confused by the cold treatment that Lenore is offering to him. Lenore now tells him the truth about her disguise. Charming tells her that he still loves her but she refuses to listen to him. Charming also reveals that he does not love his fiancées and is sentenced to execution for it. As he is about to be hanged, Charming speaks about his self-sacrifice. Nemeny comes about to bring in the final chapter of her curse. Lenore attempts to rescue Charming but Charming intervenes and sacrifices himself. As he is dying, Lenore uses true love’s kiss to revive him and thus restores all the love in the kingdom. Lenore and Charming get married in the end and are in for a happy beginning!

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