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Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, has been part of the cultural consciousness of generations of people, for whom the duo hold an eternal charm. For today’s grownups, there is an added feeling of nostalgia when a movie is released featuring the two. Thus it was that Warner Bros. pictures released Tom & Jerry: The Movie on the 26th of February, 2021 as a live-action/animated slapstick comedy, directed by Tim Story.


Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse have a history of mutual conflict, but they hope for a fresh start in life in New York. Tom, acting as a blind cat to attract attention, plays a piano in Central Park, while Jerry scouts around for a new home. As would inevitably happen, Jerry gets into a fight with Tom that has the piano destroyed.

While chasing Jerry, Tom bumps into Kayla Forester, messing up her clothes that she was delivering to someone, which results in her getting fired. In search of a new job, Kayla uses a stolen resume to get work at the Royal Gate Hotel as assistant to an event manager who is planning a wedding. In the meanwhile, Jerry seeks refuge in the hotel living a life stealing food and other items.

As the wedding couple arrives, Jerry’s presence is made known as he has already stolen an item from the bride’s handbag. Kayla pledges to catch Jerry. In the meanwhile, Tom spots Jerry inside one of the hotel rooms, and the two end up fighting. Kayla befriends Tom as she has the same goal of catching Jerry. After a series of scuffles, Tom gets Jerry out of the hotel. In the meanwhile, Jerry admits that he has the engagement ring of the bride and agrees to give it back to her if Kayla would let him stay at the hotel.

The duo gets into further trouble as they manage to ruin the wedding that had been planned at the hotel. Tom and Jerry now knows they have gone too far, and manages to bring the bride and groom together and arrange a grand wedding. However, the movie cannot end with Tom and Jerry being friends, right? As expected, Jerry reignites his long time rivalry with Tom at the wedding, and the cat and the mouse return to their old antagonizing ways.

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