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Ramayan The Epic

Ramayan The Epic

Ramayana, the classic epic of India, carried over ages, has hundreds of short stories with morals and life lessons. Learning Ramayana is a part of life. It has been a part of academic curriculum. Exclusive drama series is also made often. Kids now have exposure to watch this mythological epic in the form of colorful videos.

Here is one such entertaining animated movie of the tale of Rama.

Lord Rama is a handsome, brave, polite, blue skinned warrior. He is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The animated movie, Ramayana – The Epic is the life story of Rama, which narrates the life of Rama.

Prince Rama was the eldest son of King Dasaratha, Ayodhya and he has three younger brothers. Rama’s father had three wives. Being eldest, he would be the first successor to the throne. However, one of the wives of King Dasarath, Kaikeyi, wanted her son Prince Baratha to be crowned as King of Ayodhya. The evil wife Kaikeyi ordered Prince Rama to leave the kingdom for 14 years.

Rama’s wife princess Sita and the youngest brother prince Lakshman accompanied him to the forest.

Sita was the most beautiful princess in near and far lands. She was abducted by the demon king Ravana. Prince Rama with help from his friends, followers and masters rescued his beloved wife Sita and returned to Ayodhya. He was then crowned as the successor of the throne.

This is the story of the real super hero of the ancient India who belonged to a different age, fought for good and destroyed evil . Good deeds always triumph over evil deeds. The characters are beautifully and clearly picturized. The expressions of the animations are brilliant. The super hero tale is vividly presented by the producers.

The movie runs for around one and half an hour. Although the movie touches the important aspects of the heroic tale, there is a lot to explore in the epic Ramayana. Famous Bollywood actors were cast as lead characters.

This is one of the most promising attempts made by the director to animate an epic saga! Kids should definitely learn about this epic.

Ramayana teaches essential core values to the kids. Some of the important values of life that this epic teaches include but does not limit to the following:

» Staying obedient to parents – Rama, the hero never disobeyed his parents
» Respecting elders
» Good deeds do good to you
» Evil or evil thinking is sinful

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