Super K

Animated movies for children provided a new dimension to the world of entertainment for kids. Watching the animated movies, which mostly comprise of fantasy, action, good over evil themes etc is better than watching the horrifying action movies or using smart phones.

Super K, aka, Kiara, the brave, is one of the animated movies for kids belonging to the fantasy genre. This movie has a typical fantasy theme. Dreamzone was peacefully ruled by the King Maximus. In order to capture the ruling power, the evil brother of the king imprisoned the King. Dreamzone is a very special world with colors and happiness spread all over place. The King’s brother,Badmess created a super hero called K with supernatural powers to control the powers of the king and overthrow him from the kingdom.

The power of Super K was obtained from all powers in the Dreamzone galaxy. Due to some confusion in the way the Super K was created, it ended up causing a chaotic mess. The superhero Super K started messing up in the Dreamzone. Unfortunately, he was unable to control his own supernatural powers. Owing to this stage of confusion and mess, Badmess abandoned him from his plan. Meanwhile, an evil doctor also planned to capture the kingdom from King Maximus harnessing the power of Super K.

In the middle of these chaotic happenings, the courageous and brave princess Dreadmis swore to save her father and his kingdom. She embarked on a magical and mystical journey in the fantasy world to save the king. How was she able to overcome all those dreadful powers? Watch the movie.

Although the movie has received too many negative feedback, kids would definitely love it. The reason behind the negative reactions is the misconception. Kiara, the brave aka Super K was mistaken as a sequel movie to the Pixar’s brave. This is an Indian animated movie produced by the famous Shemaroo entertainment. The movie has no traces or links to Pixar movie. Shemaroo entertainment has produced a number of animated movies for kids in different genre.

Besides the fantasy and magical powers sprayed all over the movie, there is some good bunch of action, comedy and emotions to watch. We have handpicked animated movies for kids in different genre. Don’t miss them.

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