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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

The name says it all. This is a fantastic fantasy movie from the house of Disney Productions. This is the third release from the series of Tinker Bell movies from the Disney house.

The movie was released in the year 2010. No kid would refuse watching a fairytale, especially if it is a Disney fairy! The movie has a different story. The movie unfolds with a magical journey, colorful events, and adventure.

Tinker Bell, a beautiful, calm and composed fairy joined a fairyland camp just like other fairies. She was then discovered by Lizzy who belonged to a different world. Soon, Lizzy and Tinker Bell became good friends. It was Lizzy’s father who wanted to use the magical power of fairies and capture a fairy to have a research on them. Lizzy was eager to help her dad as she thought that it would help her get attention and love from him, in turn. Tinker Bell helped Lizzy by providing the details and facts about fairies and their world. Amidst this twist, other fairies planned for a rescue operation to save Tinker Bell from Lizzy’s father, which in turn put them in danger. Tinker Bell put herself in  danger to protect her world. How was she able to rescue her fairies?

This is definitely a high quality animated movie to watch. The graphics and animations are extremely colorful and enjoyable.  Although this story is totally predictable, even a child can say it, the high quality animations and the picturization of the characters surprises us at each juncture.

This is definitely one of the extremely enjoyable movies that a kid would love! This is the first movie of the Tinker Bell series that was granted a release in the theatres. Disney is totally irresistible to children and so are the beautiful and magical fairies. The combination of the two favorites of kiddies created a magic on the screen, extremely loved by the children.  Now, watch the full movie for free here at We are proud to present the movie exclusively for entertaining the kids.

Don’t miss it.

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