Elephants are the most lovable animals in the whole animal kingdom. You won’t get bored watching an elephant for hours. The fascinating animal is the favorite of kiddies. Although elephants are huge, they are very kind.  Watch the journey of a cute little elephant in this animated movie.

Jumbo is the story of a little elephant, who is funny and humorous. He grows up as a brave and strong warrior!

Jumbo, the little blue elephant grew up with his mother. He did not have any information about his father. Even his mother did not disclose any information about his daddy! All he knew about his father was that he didn’t live in their group and nobody in his herd of elephants had any information about Jumbo’s father. Jumbo had an immense desire to live with his father. He just knew that his father was in an army, but nothing more! However, he was a happy little elephant who loves to spend time with other animals, and a very funny one too!

Unfortunately, as Jumbo was uninformed about his father, the animals in the jungle used to tease him occasionally. The little Jumbo couldn’t tolerate the bullying and painful words.

He was informed that a massive army had reached their jungle and they had halted in the jungle for a night’s stay. Poor Jumbo’s eagerness to meet his father increased and he visited the camp with a hope to find him. He visited a tent where the army’s royal elephant stayed. He asked the royal elephant about his father, but he lost his temper. Little Jumbo tried to escape and find protection in the tent of a prince. The prince saved Jumbo from the soldiers. Jumbo suddenly realized that he had lost the way to his home jungle, his friends and his beloved mother. While he wandered in the jungle to find the way home, he met a beautiful pink elephant, called Sonia. She took him to her village and he was trained in war. Soon, Jumbo grew to be a strong, brave and wise elephant.

Later, the prince called a competition to appoint a royal elephant to fight the enemies. Jumbo and his trainer reached the place to participate and win the competition. Jumbo’s mother lived in the herd with the prince. Was Jumbo able to find his lost mother and father?

It is a Bollywood animated movie. The animations are excellent and we all love cute Jumbo! Watch the life story of Jumbo with beautiful animations, amazing picturisation and interesting script. It is an obviously entertaining movie for children.

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