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Smallfoot is a 2018 movie produced by Warner Animation group. Its straightforward plot will delight the young moviegoers and its star-studded animation is an entertaining mix of catchy music, positive reinforcement of messages and a lot of comical sequences.

The movie is majorly set in the village of the Yetis which is on top of a mountain in the Himalayas. It lies above the clouds and is well hidden from human sight. Migo is a Yeti who follows the laws of the stones laid down by the Stonekeeper and his father, Dorgle. Each morning, Dorgle projects himself through the air and hits a gong with his head. This is believed by the Yetis to help the sun rise. One day, while learning how to ring the gong with his head himself, Migo encounters Meechee, a girl who he has a crush on. In the process, he gets distracted, misses the aim and lands himself outside the village. There, Migo sees a plane that has crashed and finds a “smallfoot”, a human being who has survived the crash. The Yetis believe humans to be mythical so Migo runs back to the village to inform every one of his discovery. But he lacks proof and therefore he is banished from the village by the Stonekeeper and is declared to be a liar.

Migo is then visited by his fellow rejected Yetis – Kolka, Fleem, and Gwangi who bring him to the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society, headed by Meechee. She encourages Migo to travel beyond the clouds despite the stones telling him not to do so. But Migo does this with a bit of hesitation. In the process, his rope snaps and he falls. This is when Migo accidentally discovers land.

At a lodge called the Yak Shack, there is a human filmmaker by the name of Percy Patterson, who has lost most of his viewership. He chances upon the pilot who saw Migo. In an attempt to save his falling career, he orders his assistant Brenda to dress up as a Yeti for a shoot. Migo arrives at the same lodge and unknowingly scares Percy when trying to communicate with him. Migo takes Percy to a cave where they take shelter from a blizzard and Percy films Migo. Percy uploads a film of him narrating that the Yeti plans to eat them, before trying to escape. While chasing Percy, Migo’s toe gets trapped and Percy takes pity on him by removing the trap and bandaging his wound. Percy then agrees to go to the mountain with Migo.

The villagers are confused as well as excited by Percy’s appearance. But they happily accept him and his culture, much to the disapproval of the Stonekeeper. After some time, the Stonekeeper takes Migo inside and speaks to him in private about how the humans attacked the Yetis who used to live below the clouds earlier. Then they were forced to live above the clouds and are hence distanced from the humankind ever since. They kept themselves by clouds which are actually balls of steam generated by the everyday tasks of the Yetis. In order to protect the village, Migo tells the villagers that Percy is actually a hairless wild Yak experiencing high-altitude sickness. The Stonekeeper takes Percy and locks him away in a box so that he is not able to alert other humans of his predicament.

The villagers are confused by Percy's appearance, but happily accept him and learn about his culture. Migo later discovers that Meechee took Percy away to return him home and jumps down the mountain with Gwangi and Kolka following him.

Percy is better and discovers that his video of Migo has excited the public. He then notices that Meechee has caused some public disruption in Kathmandu and is attacked by the police. She is later rescued by Gwangi, Kolka and Migo. The Yetis try to make it back to the mountain but are chased by a SWAT helicopter that Stonekeeper attacks using his stones. Migo attempts to divert the police away from the other Yetis. This is when Percy arrives on his snowmobile and shoots Migo with a tranquilizer gun to save him. The police chase and capture Percy in his Yeti suit and arrest him for public disturbance and fraud.

At the village, Migo and the Stonekeeper explain the truth to the rest of the Yetis and apologise to them for lying. They also tell them that while the humans might be scared of them, they should still try to communicate with them. The Yetis leave the village and are accepted by the rest of the humans with the support of Brenda and Percy.

The movie effectively tells a heart-warming tale of human emotions and is sure to appeal to the audiences!

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