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Rio 2

Rio 2

Rio 2 is a sequel to the blockbuster movie Rio. Blu and Jewel, the blue macaws are peacefully settled in the woods of the Amazon with three children. As the children grow, the mother, Jewel, feels that their children are growing more like humans and not like the birds that they are ! She wants her children to live in the natural settings of the forest. She thinks it is important for them to be in their natural habitat with fellow birds. What happens when the birds fly deep into the woods to see and be in their natural surroundings?

In the movie Rio, Blu, a domesticated macaw who lived in a small town had met Jewel, a happy independent bird! He had had an adventurous journey, which lead him to Jewel at Rio! The sequel of Rio unwraps with Blu and Jewel living happily in the Amazon forest. Blu lives the life on the same lines as the one he had led in the city, whereas, Jewel wants herself and the children to follow the life of a typical macaw, off the land. She yearns for a life with other macaws.

Jewel feels that Blu has domesticated their children too much in a typical home atmosphere. On the other hand, Blu believes that they are the only ones remaining in their species. Jewel is sure that there are more macaws in the woods. She wants the kids to explore the natural life. Although Blu is against this idea, he gives in to the desire of Jewel because of his deep love for her. Meeting many other macaws on the way, Blu directs his friends and family as the true hero that he is.

Meanwhile, Blu’s human family, Linda and Tulio travel back to the Amazon to bring the bird back home. They find the feathers of a blue macaw and are worried for Blu. They discover more blue macaws in the woods and decide to watch and study them.

Blu encounters his father-in-law and the rest of the story forms the adventure. The movie is so full of joyful and pensive moments, moments of self-doubt and triumph, all tied together with a huge dollop of pure, unadulterated love between the birds. It has been told tactfully with adventure and twists to keep the viewer glued to the screen.

Rio 2 is a fascinating animated movie for kids. The movie has all the favorite characters of Rio. It has a rich blend of emotions, and it is a good entertainer. As the cherry on the top, the songs in this movie are very special. You are sure to enjoy and hum the lines even long after you have finished watching it.The animation entwines with the music to make it all the more enchanting.

Rio 2 is a visual treat for the kids and of course, it comes with a good message.

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