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Ferdinand is a heart-warming tale about a bull who prefers spending his time with flowers rather than fighting matadors in the arena. The animation is super cute and there are several scenes that leave you chuckling and wanting for more.

The plot follows the titular character, Ferdinand who stays in a ranch that trains bulls for bull fighting know as Casa del Toro. Ferdinand is constantly scoffed at by his fellow bulls for being such a recluse and also for his interest in smelling and protecting flowers. Ferdinand runs away from the ranch following a bullfight fought by his father, Raf fails to return from a fight that he had been chosen to fight and also because a flower that Ferdinand was very fond of had got smashed by Valiente. Eventually, Ferdinand is adopted by a florist as he lands up in the farm of the florist. He is adopted by the owner, Juan and he lives there happily with the florist, his dog Paco and his daughter, Nina.

Even after growing up into an enormous bull, Ferdinand does not give up his love for flowers or his peace-loving non-violent nature. But he is not able to attend the annual flower festival because of his size. The adamant bull decides to go anyway and causes havoc therein and around the town. This incident leads him to being deported back to Casa del Toro, much to his own grief and Nina’s sadness. Once he is back there, he finds that all his peers have grown up into enormous bulls and intimidate a silent bull among them. Ferdinand is still ridiculed by them, but he manages to befriend a goat who wants to be his coach, and two hedgehogs.

One day a legendary and arrogant bull fighter called El Primaro comes to their ranch. He intends to knock down the biggest, strongest and most aggressive bull. When the bulls fail to impress him, they blame Ferdinand for blocking their way into the ring and for making them look bad. Although Ferdinand has managed to earn the respect of the other bulls because of his dance off with German horses. The bulls, however, still hold on to their belief that fighting is the only way to live. A frustrated Ferdinand manages to convince Lupe and the hedgehogs to escape with him to Nina’s farm. When he is close to his freedom, he lays his eyes on his dad’s picture, making him realise once again that all bulls who choose to fight, will be slain by the matador one day.

Ferdinand tries to convince the other bulls that they would eventually be killed in a bullfight one day. Among them only one bull is unconvinced called Valiente who Ferdinand manages to push inadvertently and knock off his right horn, much to everyone’s shock. Another bull called Primero sees this and immediately chooses Ferdinand to fight. Then Ferdinand is taken to the slaughterhouse where he rallies the other bulls. He saves the bulls trapped there from earlier. But while escaping, he accidentally activates a series of deadly contraptions with his tail. But with the help of Valiente, who’s now much friendlier, they manage to escape. They also steal the company truck for this purpose and results in the owner of Casa del Toro and his employees giving them a chase.

The animals try to lose the humans and in the process land up in Atocha train station in Madrid. But when the bulls push a small cart to catch a train, Ferdinand sacrifices himself to let the other bulls escape. But he is captured. When the news of Ferdinand’s fight with El Primaro reaches Nina’s ears she, Juan and Paco immediately set foot to Madrid to save Ferdinand.

In the bullfight arena, Ferdinand gives out a very weak performance, but he accidentally throws Primaro into the bullpen. When Primaro angrily retaliates, he strikes Ferdinand who is ready with his counterattack but stops when he sees a carnation flower under his hoof. He thinks that he is being the fighter that he was unwilling to be and lets go off Primaro. Primaro is in all the mood to slay Ferdinand but after hearing the cries of the crowd, he lets Ferdinand go and leaves with dignity.

Ferdinand is reunited with Nina, who embraces him, and everyone throws carnations to the ring to celebrate the victory of Ferdinand. The other bulls arrive thinking that it might be late to save Ferdinand but are in for a pleasant surprise as they see him as being the first bull to survive a bull fight till the end. The film ends with all the bulls and Lupe being adopted by Nina and watching the sun go down in the flower farm.

The film is in the form of a heart wrenching tale that teaches us that we don’t have to do things that others expect us to do. And that’s what makes it so likeable!

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