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Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny! Do you get any idea about this movie from the title? Try. This is one of the popular animated characters loved by kids.

It is a bunny, i.e the rabbit, which is extremely different from other rabbits. What is the size of your heart? It almost equals the size of your fist isn’t it! Now, guess, what would be the size of a rabbit’s heart? It should be relatively smaller or equal to the size of its legs.

Now, imagine a bunny with a massive heart, bigger than its actual size! This is the unique, Big Buck Bunny! This is an animated story of a big-hearted bunny loaded with lots of humor.

One day, the Big Buck Bunny met three rodents, Frank, Rinky and Gamera. The bunny on his way to his home was teased and bullied by these three rodents. The rodents were literally shocked and surprised to see a huge and unique creature. They bullied him with foul words, threw nuts, fruits and even stones at the Bunny.

The rodents tried to tease the Bunny as much as they can. Bunny had many friends in the garden. However, his two friends, the butterflies were killed by Frank. Frank dropped an apple on a butterfly and smashed the other one by throwing a rock. The heart broken Bunny wanted to take revenge on the death of his favorite butterflies. He sketched a plan to trap the rodents. Now, we all know that Bunny was successful in avenging the death of his friends.

But how did Bunny plan for it? Watch the movie.

This is a relatively short animated movie, runs for less than 10 minutes. It is short, crisp, interesting, humorous and funny to watch. Kiddies, have a good laugh. I bet, you would love the Big Buck Bunny after watching this movie. Don’t Miss it.

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