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Black Seed Oil Benefits for Kids

Used for millennia as a health support, oil derived from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant is being discovered by more people every day. First studied in modern times in 1959, black seed oil has since been the subject of hundreds of research papers, confirming its beneficial impacts on human health. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, black seed oil also contains a range of necessary trace minerals, adding to its enviable nutritional profile.

Adding black seed oil to your child’s diet is easy. So, let’s discuss black seed oil benefits for kids and how to safely introduce it to your child’s diet. But before you do that, consult with your primary caregiver to ensure there are no child-specific contraindications (ie: possible interactions with prescription drugs).

The black seed oil secret is out, so as science confirms its benefits with study after study, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a viable supportive treatment and a preventative that may help protect the human body against disease. While more research is still needed, this article will point to the benefits for kids, particularly from the standpoint of prevention.

Thymoquinone – Black Seed Oil’s Hidden Powerhouse

Part of the Nigella sativa (Kalonji) seed’s secret is in its thymoquinone content. The subject of intense study, thymoquinone is the jewel in the crown of black seed oil, boasting wide-ranging positive health impacts. Let’s look at how this powerful substance in black seed oil can support your child’s health toward the long, healthy life everyone deserves.


Two specific phytochemicals are responsible for black seed oil’s anti-cancer properties. Thymoquinone is the first of these, supported by thymohydroquinone. A Croatian study observed the effect of these two black seed oil components on tumors in lab subjects. In Egypt, children with lymphoblastic leukemia showed improved outcomes with black seed oil added to treatment.

The Croatian study results revealed a significant cytotoxic effect produced by the two phytochemicals combined. Cytotoxicity is, in fact, an effective means of attacking cancer cells. The word refers to cell death –  for our purposes here, cancer cell death.

The increasing interest of science in black seed oil’s ability to help treat cancer is partly driven by its status as a natural substance. While studies continue, black seed oil may prove less costly to produce and possibly more effective as a treatment tool than some pharmaceuticals. Imagine the possibilities for cancer prevention starting in childhood!

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is becoming an increasingly urgent public health concern with over 34 million people living with it in the USA alone. But black seed oil may hold the key to prevention and containment.

A 2017 study found that the regular administration of black seed oil reduced blood glucose levels. This effect was provoked by an increase in the production of insulin which in turn decreased resistance to insulin. Cellular activity was also seen to be stimulated.

As research into the impact of black seed oil use for the prevention of diabetes continues, the hope is that the prevalence of diabetes can be drastically reduced in future generations.

Optimal Liver Health

Never underestimate the importance of a healthy liver. The liver’s toxin-extracting function is achieved via the production of bile. This substance aids in the digestion of the food we consume. The liver manages all potentially harmful toxins that pass through your body, neutralizing and preparing them for removal.

So, naturally, you hope to protect your child’s liver, and black seed oil is increasingly being seen as an effective metabolic agent which may contribute to optimal liver health. And don’t neglect Vitamin D! Your child not only needs it to develop strong, healthy bones; Vitamin D may also help prevent liver disease. Imagine what it can do for a child’s liver that’s been fortified with black seed oil!

How to Add It to Your Child’s Diet

Consulting with your primary caregiver before putting your kid on a black seed oil regimen is a necessary step. Contraindications and drug interactions may be a concern, so do check in with your doctor first.

Dosages vary between children and adults, of course. Doses also vary for the treatment or complementary support of various health conditions and for the purpose of preventing them.  The general rule is that children require about half the adult dose, with that dosage halved for the first day of administration. Children under 5 should be dosed with no more than 2 drops per day.

As black seed oil continues to grow its healthcare “street cred”, we’re glad you’re exploring its benefits for kids. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  While you’re here, please explore a wealth of information about kids, their wellness, and so much more at our blog!


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