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Grade 4 English Lessons

Grade 4 (Year 4) is the first year of upper primary, and children at this age should be introduced to more sophisticated and meaningful ways of linguistic expression, both in speaking and writing. Children at this stage are more mature than before, and are capable of exploring the English language more independently than before. Educators and parents should provide ample guidance at this stage, especially when it comes to reading and listening to standard English.

This is a crucial stage when it comes to reading. Children at this stage can read texts without pictures and stories that are complex in nature with regard to human relationships. Modern and ancient classics can be reading material at this stage.

In terms of reading comprehension, this is the stage to introduce comprehension questions that are inferential in nature.

Inferential questions should be introduced stage by stage, and judged according to the level of proficiency of the students. This is very important in the case of children who learn English as a second language.

In the case of writing skill improvement, and practice, grade 4 is the stage at which pictures may disappear from writing prompts. Writing at this stage should encompass descriptive and narrative texts.

We provide teaching and learning material in reading for enrichment, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, speaking and listening, and vocabulary.

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