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Grade 10 English Lessons

Grade 10 is the final year of school in many educational systems around the world. It is also the year in which students face the school final exam after which they enter pre-university, or A level courses. English lessons at this stage is a reinforcement and revision, since by now a child is supposed to have gained the basic functional proficiency in English.

Reading comprehension at this stage is a matter of practice in reading and answering questions that test understanding. Typically, in many education systems around the world that train pupils to face an examination at the end of the year, many past year papers may be given to students and answer. This in itself is very valuable practice, though it is by no means enough. A variety of real world situational passages should also be introduced to students at this stage.

As far as composition is concerned, there should be free/creative/imaginative, argumentative, expository, and descriptive composition practice. This has to be both guided and unguided. In both categories, students should be given plenty of practice.

Vocabulary, as in the case of other high school lessons, should focus on idiomatic, standard language, with a good variety of apt, descriptive words. This will help the student produce vivid speech and writing.

We provide reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary practice for grade 10. Click on the links below to be directed to the corresponding pages.

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