Quiz for Kids

How do you measure your knowledge? It could be on your subject or about anything in general! 

Take a quiz! Kids World Fun is proud to offer an exclusive segment dedicated to unlimited quiz for kids. The ultimate aim of the quiz for kids is to improve the knowledge. 

Kids tend to learn more through simple questions. The quiz for kids doesn’t just limit to general knowledge quiz, but includes questions on different subjects and categories. At Kids World Fun, we offer a variety of funny and interesting general knowledge quiz for kids! The online quiz test helps the children to improve their knowledge and learn more with ease. 

Fun quizzes for kids blended to provide added knowledge. The quiz questions and answers are developed by subject experts. Enjoy the quiz questions and answers for kids on various subjects like human body, biology, animals, earth, water, chemistry, mathematics, world, geography, and many more.  

As most of the parents worry a lot about online safety for kids, we promise to make the leisure more educational and safe. Learn more, have an insight about elements that you may never heard of, and have fun!

General Knowledge Quizzes for Kids

GK Quiz for KidsGeneral knowledge quizzes with questions, answers & facts for kids, teenagers, students and smallchildren in English.

English Language Quizzes for Kids

English Quiz for ChildrenHow good are you in English? Now take this simple English quiz for kids. This is very simple English exercise for kids to learn and understand the meanings of different words.

Science Quizzes for Kids

Science Quizzes for KidsKids World Fun offers variety of science quizzes for kids dedicated to improve their general knowledge and awareness. The basic aim of the quiz for kids is to improve their basic knowledge and thinking.

Math Quizzes for Kids

Math Quizzes for KidsTest your knowledge on Math with this Simple Quiz. Find out how much you know your Arithmetic. A great quiz for you and your kids. These questions will put a challenge to your math ability.

Animal Quizzes for Kids

Animal Quizzes for KidsTake our one-line animal quiz and find out how much does your kid knows about animals. The questions range from easy to challenging.

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