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Simple Math Quiz

Maths is the most terrifying subject for kids and even for adults. This is because it involves numbers and deep calculation that may not spin your head. Many kids and adult avoid this subject, but for kids there is no option but to learn and attend the subject. On the flip side, Maths is the most interesting and brain training subject that will enhance your thought skill in a creative way. If you love number games, then Maths is the subject to take up. For kids, maths can be much more interesting if learned through the quiz. Maths quiz questions for kids contain questions that are interesting and will put their mind into the challenge.

From general arithmetic questions to intense questions, maths quiz for kids are the best way to train their minds. From percentages and the sums to division, there are different types. To train your kids in an interesting way, we bring you the list of Maths quiz questions that are perfect for every grade kid.

Q: What is the next prime number after (3)?
A: (5)

Q: What is the perimeter of a circle known as?
A: Circumference

Q: What is (15 – 7) = ?
A: (8)

Q: What is the square root of (81)?
A: (9)

Q: What comes after Thousand?
A: Ten Thousand

Q: What does the Roman Numeral (C) Represent?
A: One Hundred

Q: What does a century represent?
A: (100)

Q: Which is bigger (100) OR Ten squared?
A: Both are the same.

Q: What are Whole Numbers?
A: Whole Numbers are simply the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,..

Q: What are integers?
A: Integers are similar to whole numbers and also include negative numbers, but does not include fractions.

Q: Is (-2) an integer?
A: Yes

Q: Which is greater (-50) or (2)?
A: (2)

Q: Which of these numbers is not an integer (-2), (0), (100), (1/2)
A: (1/2)

Q: What is (25 +23)?
A: (48)

Q: What is (25 +24) – (10)
A: 39

Q: What is (22 x 4)?
A: (88)

Q: What is 5-squared equal to?
A: (25)

Q: What is the square root of 36?
A: (6)

Q: What is (21 x 0)?
A: (0)

Q: What comes next in the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, __?
A: (21)

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