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English Lessons for Kindergarten

English Lessons for Kindergarten

Kindergarten marks a turning point in a child’s life, in the sense that he/she has got over the preschool difficulties and troubles, and has started to learn and study in earnest. This is an appropriate time for learning languages, and there should be enough exposure for the child both in the school and at home, to English and other languages.

The best way to learn a language is of course by using it, in oral and written communication. During the kindergarten years, children should be able to listen to correct and fluent English and encouraged to speak the same. They are still at an age when learning is best done through play and fun, but there can be some serious lessons incorporated, especially in reading and early writing.

The chief methods by which kindergarten children can be taught English is through rhymes, role plays, short plays, poems, stories, songs, and reading picture books. It is also important to encourage children to speak English, especially in places where English is not the mother tongue. Communication between the teacher and students, as well as interpersonal communication among students, should be in English, at all times, in order to ensure the right degree of immersion in the language.

Here we provide you with lessons in English for kindergarten children in oral, written, listening and speaking. Choose the lessons that are most appropriate for your children.

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