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Grade 8 English Lessons

Grade 8 is the end stage of middle school or the beginning of high school, in most education systems around the world. In any case, grade 8 or year 8 is a stage in which children are expected to read and understand sophisticated texts, answer inferential questions, and write extended essays and interpret diagrams/graphs. At this stage children are also expected to speak grammatically accurate English fluently, and understand spoken language of different registers.

Reading comprehension at grade 8 varies according to the syllabus following for English language course in particular education systems. For example, GCE O’ level English examination from Cambridge International Examination (CIE) examines students’ reading comprehension without testing literary techniques. However, the Edexcel Pearson Paper A, even though not a Literature paper, does expect students to know literary techniques such as hyperbole and alliteration.

Writing at this stage can be divided into creative/imaginative writing, and writing with the help of prompts, which is mainly letter writing, or interpretation of diagrams/graphs. Students are expected to include idiomatic language and native-like turn of phrase.

Vocabulary, as can be expected, will have to be idiomatic and native-like. A lot of vocabulary has to be learnt inductively from reading, but to some extent, can be taught in class.

We provide learning and teaching material for reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary for Grade 8. Click on the links below to be directed to the corresponding study material.

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