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Grade 2 English Lessons

At Grade 2, children are more or less comfortable with the English language, and they have accepted it as a language worth spending time to learn.

Those who have developed the habit of reading by this time are likely to read thicker and longer books, with less illustration. This is the time when parents and teachers would do well to make plenty of books available to children. Ideally, children should be given books that make sense to them culturally.

Though extended and autonomous writing is not begun yet, students may be more comfortable by this age, with writing on their own. However, some guidance will still be given to help with the writing process.

As far as grammar is concerned, students will begin learning Parts of Speech, starting with ‘Nouns’ and ‘Pronouns’. This is a crucial time for learning grammar, as new grammatical structures and rules will firmly be etched in the children’s mind at this stage.

Grade 2 is also an ideal stage for more vigorous speaking and listening activities. Teachers should ensure that there is plenty of opportunity in the classroom to speak English and to listen to English. Parents also would do well if they insist on speaking English at home.

Here, we provide English lessons for Grade 2. Please click on the link you need to go to the corresponding page.

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