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Grade 2 English Story for Reading

Sunny Farm

Lots of children visited Sunny Farm. They liked to stroke the llamas and feed the goats. They rode on the horses and played with the farm dogs. The animals in the farm also liked children visiting them.

As time went by, the owner of the farm, named farmer Sunny, grew old. “I cannot take care of the farm anymore. I am very tired,” he said.

So, there was nobody to look after the animals and repair the buildings. There were holes in the roof of the stable. The field was mucky. The farm became a mess. The animals became sad. As the farm became messy and dirty, people stopped visiting.

Sometimes, the animals went hungry since there was nobody to make food for them and feed them.

Farmer Sunny was very sad too. “I wish I could get help on the farm,” he said.

One day, unexpectedly, a family visited the farm. One of the children in the family, a naughty boy called Harry, snuck away and climbed onto the roof of the stable. “Yeah! Now they cannot see me. I will play a trick on them,” he said gleefully. He did not know of the holes on the roof.

All of a sudden, the roof collapsed, and Harry fell into a pile of smelly muck! A bucket full of dirty water fell on his face! Harry began to scream, but his parents and farmer Sunny were too far away to hear his screams.

The llamas in the stable had seen the boy fall, and ran to help. One kicked the bucket off the boy’s head. Another grabbed the boy’s sleeve and pulled him up.

“I can’t believe it…You saved me,” Harry stuttered to the llamas in surprize.

Meanwhile, Harry’s parents and farmer Sunny rushed to the stable. They were relieved to see Harry safe. “I am sorry,” Harry said to his parents. He apologised to his parents and to farmer Sunny. “The llamas rescued me from the muck,” said Harry.

Farmer Sunny and Harry’s parents stroked the llamas and thanked them.

Harry’s dad thought that it was a story for the newspapers. “These llamas are truly heroic, and they have to be famous,” Harry’s dad said.

That afternoon, a reporter from the newspaper came to take pictures of the llamas. He talked to Harry and farmer Sunny too.

The story of the llamas and how they rescued Harry was on the front page of the newspaper the next morning. It was also mentioned that the farm was in need of some repairs.

Soon, Sunny Farm became very famous. Lots of people came to visit the farm. They volunteered to repair the stable roof, and clean he farm. They even donated money.

In a short while, the farm became tidy and clean. The number of visitors to the farm increased. Many children came to visit the llamas who had rescued Harry. “We love the heroic llamas,” said the children.

“We like the children too,” thought the llamas.

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