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Grade 9 English Lessons

Grade 9 is high school, and is a totally different league. This is almost the last stage of school, and English language teaching at this stage is almost always reinforcement and revision, along with introduction to literature, which means poetry, novels, drama and short fiction. By this stage children would have become settled in their relationship with English language: either they are confident users of the language, or are reluctant and poor users. The latter group will struggle not only in English language examinations but in the examinations of all subjects which use English as the medium of instruction.

Reading comprehension at grade 9 is of a higher order and more sophisticated than before. It is likely that many educational systems of the world will use literature: poetry, prose and drama from very famous writers – as instructional material at this stage. This is with the aim of getting learners to be acquainted with how language can be used for literary purposes. However, in most educational systems, there is also a language component that focuses on the traditional reading comprehension of unseen text, vocabulary, grammar and writing.

Writing at this stage mostly consists of functional writing such as letter writing, and creative/imaginative writing.

We provide reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary activities here. Please click on the desired link to be directed to the corresponding page.

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