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Grade 9 English Vocabulary

Idioms using Time and Clock

Learning English vocabulary through the idioms and using them correctly in the composition is the best way to produce the desired effect. Here are the idioms that make use of time and clock:

  • You should study well before exams because a stich in time saves nine.
    Timely action saves a lot of troubles, losses and problems.
  • Doing homework at the eleventh hour is a sign of indiscipline.
    At the last moment or just prior to something
  • The office remains open all round the clock and you can access them anytime.
    All the time
  • Joe and Jill reached the church on the spur of moment when they were to marry.
    Something done or happened in haste
  • He takes wine only once in a blue moon.
    Very rarely or infrequently
  • He earned all the riches at the age of 65! Better late than never.
    It is better to achieve the goal late than not to achieve it at all.
  • The robbery occurred in the broad Daylight but the robbers go scot-free.
    Some happening which is clearly visible
  • The boss will be back next week, in the interim the whole staff was busy cleaning.
    In the meantime
  • After being struck by a paralytic attack, he felt like he was living on a borrowed time.
    Experiencing a near-death like experience
  • Make use of your spare time to learn something as time and tide wait for none.
    Make using of the opportunity right at the time so as not to miss it.
  • Children have a whale of time at Christmas party.
    To enjoy yourself very much


Rewrite the underlined part of each sentence with an idiom.

  • They have loads of fun and enjoyed themselves very much at the picnic.
  • Take umbrella it is about to rain, timely action saves a lot of problems.
  • In the condition of abject poverty, the family is starving and has a death like experience.
  • I have never seen wearing her western outfits. She wears western clothes very rarely.
  • Do not mind getting literate at an old age it is better to achieve something at any time.


  • Have a whale of time
  • Stitch in time saves nine
  • Living on a borrowed time
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Better late than never

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