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Grade 9 English Writing

Guided Composition Topics

  • Your school asked for volunteers to entertain, for a day, a small group of young people from another country. You were one of the chosen.
    Write an account of what you did, considering some or all of the following points.
    - Tour of the school
    - Surrounding area
    - Local activities
    - Meeting friends and family
    - Food
  • One of your teachers is about to retire. She has taught in your school for many years and, therefore, you know her quite well. You have been asked to write a farewell letter to her on behalf of your class, thanking her and wishing her well in the future.
    Use the following information.
    - She has not been well lately
    - She teaches English
    - She is very strict but always fair
    - She is good at comforting depressed students
    - She likes flowers, especially orchids
    - She has taken your class on several school trips
    - She is intending to travel to Europe soon
  • An election is to be held in your school for members of the student council – a group set up to advice the principal on matters concerning student welfare and discipline. One of your friends hopes to be elected. You are preparing a speech in support of your friend. You have the following notes to help you.
    - Helpful and responsible prefect
    - Top in examinations
    - Active in school clubs
    - Excellent games player
    - Great organiser of events

Write out your speech in full, using the list above and adding ideas of your own.

Model answer

Respected principal, teachers, and fellow students, a very good morning to you all.

The excitement is in the air! The student council of our school is about to be set up and we will have our representatives soon, to assist the principal in student matters.

On this occasion, it is with great pride and pleasure that I stand here, to talk to you about Jason Lee, my classmate and friend, of Form 5S. Dear friends, let me tell you why he is an excellent candidate for the student council.

Jason Lee has been a prefect for the last two years. We have all seen and experienced how responsible he has been in carrying out the duties assigned to him. A laudable quality about him is how he helps new students, joining junior classes, feel at home in the new environment. I have come to know, personally, of instances where the junior students approached him for help in settling a disagreement and seen how well he managed the situation.

Jason can truly said to be an all-rounder. He tops our examinations every time and has even represented the school in the Maths and Science Olympiad. But it is not only in studies that he excels. He is an excellent games player, and, as you all know, led the red house to victory, as the house captain, in our recent sports meet.

How about extra-curricular activities? Yes, here also, Jason has left his mark. He is an active member of the debating and public speaking club of our school that has its activities every Tuesday.

There is more. He is an excellent organiser. Don’t you remember that end of the year party that we organised for the outgoing students last year? Wasn’t it a great success? Well, the chief organiser of that party, as many of you know, was Jason. Need I say more?

Dear friends, you wouldn’t find a more committed and dedicated student councillor than Jason. Vote for him, and we can be sure that our interests will be well looked after.

Thank you.

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