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Grade 2 Speaking and Listening Activities

Grade 2 Speaking and Listening Activities

1. Self-introduction

This activity is ideal for the beginning of the year when students are fresh from their vacation. Each student is asked to come up to the front of the class and introduce him/herself. Students are given about three days to prepare at home. The teacher gives a format for the introduction. It could be as follows.

Hello, good morning.
My name is …………
I live in ………….
I have ………….. and ……….. (brother, sister)
My hobbies are …………….
Thank you very much.

The whole class gives an applause after each student finishes his introduction. Shy students should be given ample encouragement and support by the teacher. Since these are young children, the teacher could give a reward (e.g. a sweet or chocolate) after a student finishes his/her introduction.

2. Word of the day

Students are asked to bring a new word each day, written on an A4 size manila card. The word’s meanings and usage are also written on the manila card attractively. Each day one student has to present the word to the class. The teacher will have to inform which student is going to the present the following day. The designated student will stand in front of the class and present the word. After the presentation, the teacher can display the manila card with the word, meaning and usage, on the display board in the class. Depending on the proficiency level of the class, there can be a revision of the words thus presented, after each week. A typical Word of the Day manila card may look like the following.

3. One-minute speech

Students are given simple topics on which they are asked prepare a speech of one minute length. The topics are given by the teacher to each student in turn. The teacher has to inform the student at least three days in advance when his/her turn is. Sample topics are

  • My hobbies
  • My pet
  • My family
  • Myself
  • My favourite book
  • My favourite cartoon
  • My favourite game
  • My best friend

It should be remembered that children at this age will need a lot of encouragement and support for public speaking. Therefore, it is a good idea to promise a reward after each student’s speech. The teacher should give guidelines about the speech along the following lines.

  • Each speech should begin with ‘good morning dear teacher and friends’
  • Each speech should be of 3- 6 sentences in length.
  • The speech should be given clearly and loudly.
  • Students cannot read the speech. They have to memorise their speech.
  • At the end of the speech, the speaker should thank the teacher and other students for listening saying ‘thank you teacher and friends’.


Though this is a challenging activity for grade 2 students, it is still possible. This activity will improve their confidence in speaking English and in public speaking. The teacher will have to invest some time and effort initially in this activity, but once students begin to do it, it will become enjoyable and interesting for them.

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