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Grade 2 English Reading Comprehension

Grade 2 English Reading Comprehension

Read the following story and answer the questions given below.

The Circus Clown

Luke went to the circus and met a boy there named Jake. Jake looked unhappy.

“What is the matter with you?” asked Luke.

“My parents are high-wire artists. They want me to be a high-wire artist too. But I want to be a clown,” Jake said sadly.

“Oh! How sad!” Luke said.

Jake took Luke around to see the different acts.

First, they saw the fire-eater. Luke was scared.

“I would rather eat a roasted marshmallow!” said Luke.

Next, they went to see Jake’s parents.

“Come up, Jake,” Jake’s dad called from the top of the pole. But Jake was scared.

“I feel sorry for you, Jake,” said Luke.

After that, they saw a juggler. He was practising juggling with five small balls. Then he added two more balls. He was truly amazing!

Then they saw a grumpy old clown. The boys walked behind the grumpy old clown. They walked just like him.

The ringmaster saw the boys walking like the clown. “They can really act like clowns,” he thought.

“Do you want to be clowns in our show tonight?” he asked the boys.

“Yes! Yes!” Luke and Jake said, very excited.

Soon, the ringmaster gave them their clown costume. They dressed up in clown clothes.

“Do you like my shoes? Ha ha!” said Luke.

“Look at our red noses!” exclaimed Jake.

Jake taught Luke how to be a clown. They started with handstands.

Next, Luke learned how to twirl hoops. Jake twirled two hoops and made his way up to seven.

Soon the show started. Each of the boys had a bucket of water. The boys threw water over the grumpy clown. The audience laughed. Jake and Luke put on a great show!

“Son, I think you should be a clown, not a high-wire artist,” said Jake’s dad.

Jake was happy, and so was Luke.

Worksheet 1

Answer the questions by filling in the blanks.

  • Where did Luke meet Jake?
    Luke met Jake at the ………….
  • What were Jake’s parents?
    Jake’s parents were …………...
  • What did Jake want to be?
    Jake wanted to be a …………….
  • How did Luke feel when he saw the fire-eater?
    Luke felt …………. when he saw the fire-eater.
  • What did the boys do with the bucket of water?
    The boys ………………………………………….


  • Luke met Jake at the circus.
  • Jake’s parents were high-wire artists.
  • Jake wanted to be a clown.
  • Luke felt scared when he saw the fire-eater.
  • The boys threw the water over the grumpy clown.

Worksheet 2

Answer the following riddles

  • I walk on a wire and try not to fall, I balance and twirl: I can do it all. Who am I?
  • In my mouth, I put fire. I blow it out, so it goes higher. Who am I?
  • I make you laugh with my red nose and big black shoes. Who am I?
  • I can juggle anything. I never make them fall. Who am I?


  • A high-wire artist.
  • A fire-eater.
  • A clown.
  • A juggler.

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