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Sentences and their Types

Sentences and their Types

When we write or speak, we use words.

Usually, we use these words in groups. For example, ‘I’, ‘a’ , ‘have’, and ‘pen’ are words, but we use them in a group, as ‘I have a pen’, it becomes meaningful.

‘I have a pen’ is a sentence that is meaningful.

A group of words that makes complete sense or meaning is called a sentence.

Look at these pictures. Read what the people are saying.

In this picture, the girl in pink tells her friend that she was going on a trip the next day. She is conveying some information. Such sentences that give us information are called declarative sentences.

A declarative sentence gives facts, information, and describes things or events. It usually ends with a period (.).

How about this picture? The boy is saying that he found something very funny, and he is laughing.

“How funny!” expresses what the boy feels about something.

Such a sentence is called an exclamatory sentence.

An exclamatory sentence expresses feelings, and it ends with an exclamation mark (!).

Here, the little girl is requesting her mother to tell her a story. However, the mother is asking or ordering her daughter to do her homework first.

The first is a request, and the second sentence is an order/command.

Such sentences are called imperative sentences.

Imperative sentences (orders and requests) are used to tell someone to do something.

Here, the girl asks the little boy whether they could play together. She is asking him a question. It is an interrogative question.

An interrogative sentence is a question, and it ends with a question mark.

Thus sentences are of four types: declarative, exclamatory, imperative and interrogative.

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