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Grade 10 Reading Comprehension Exercises

Reading comprehension for Grade 10 on the virtues of staying single instead of being married is a great reading exercise for Grade 10 students. Read the passage given below very carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Single or Married?

Human beings have long debated on the virtues of staying single as compared to those of being married and having kids. As our society gets more and more individualistic, the rights and freedoms of the individual gets more and more importance. Individuals find that living with other people in closely defined social systems like families erode their rights and freedoms, and decide to stay single.

The virtues of being single cannot be denied. Economically it makes sense to earn for oneself without having to spend it on dependent people such as a spouse or a child. If one is alone, there is no need to build a big house, or any house at all! One could stay in lodges and other cheap accommodations. One could get around on a bike, without bothering to buy a car. There is no need to spend any money on tuitions, medical bills for pregnancy related ailments and what not! Moreover, there is no need to make a lot of money. One could get by on very little if one is single. It does indeed make sense from an economic view point to be single.

Moreover, in our increasingly individualistic society, taking care of oneself is getting more and more important. It does make sense to spend all the money one makes on himself/herself. You can spend your money on your own needs such as going for spa, recreational travel and fancy clothes. You could pamper yourself with what you earn.

Of course, there are other reasons for people to stay single. Take for example, someone who wants to do good to society. If he marries and has children, all his resources and time will have to be spent on his own family. There will not be any spare time or resources to spend on society. For this reason, people who are philanthropic often choose to be unmarried, and join altruistic organizations. Some of these people believe that there is no sense in producing one’s own children when there are so many orphans in this world. They adopt orphaned children and try to give them a good life.

From a feminist point of view, in a world where patriarchy is the norm, it does not make sense for a woman to marry. Women are seen to become subservient to men in the institution of marriage according to this point of view.

If everyone chooses to stay single, how will our civilization move forward? It seems that the large majority of homo sapiens still choose to be married and beget children. Even though singles are getting more and more in number, it looks like there is no danger of everyone choosing to stay single, in the near future. The urge to find a partner and copulate is strong, and the majority of human beings succumb to it, fortunately.

  • Write a summary of the passage answering the following question in not more than 100 words.
    What are the virtues of staying single according to the author?
  • In the following sentence one word each is underlined. Choose from the given options a word that can be used to replace the underlined word.
    Individuals find that living with other people in closely defined social systems like families erode their rights and freedoms, and decide to stay single.
    A) improve B) take away C) modify D) demotivate
  • In the last paragraph find and write down the word that tells us that the author finds it comforting that the large majority of human beings do not stay single.

Answer Key

  • The virtues of staying single are many. First of all, economically it makes sense to stay single as there is no need to spend money on a big house or a car. Secondly, it makes sense to spend one’s money on oneself in an individualistic society. Thirdly, single people can afford to help society in ways such as adopting orphaned children. Lastly, from a feminist point of view, it makes sense not to get married and be subservient to men in a patriarchal society.
  • Take away
  • fortunately

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