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Grade 4 English Vocabulary Practice with Answers

Grade 4 English Vocabulary Practice with Answers

For each question, choose the most suitable words to replace the underlined words.

  • Alexander was exiled after his plot to overthrow the King failed.
    a. Abandoned
    b. Forced to stay outside one’s country
    c. Executed
    d. Forced to stay within one’s country
  • There was chaos in the city after the government goces surrendered.
    a. Disorder
    b. Fighting
    c. Destruction
    d. Peace
  • His grandfather was a feeble man.
    a. Thin
    b. Sick
    c. Strong
    d. Weak
  • You can find the blacksmith in the village.
    a. One who makes things out of wood
    b. One who makes things black in colour
    c. One who makes things out of iron
    d. One who makes things out of black materials
  • Can you comprehend what the captain just said to his platoon commanders?
    a. Hear
    b. Understand
    c. Explain
    d. Believe
  • The gardener is in the orchard which is behind the house.
    a. Place wehre there is a lawn
    b. Place where seedlings are grown
    c. Place where there is a shopping centre
    d. Place where fruit trees are grown
  • The gang leader told his mean to get the documents by hook or by crook.
    a. By easy or by hard means
    b. Quickly or slowly
    c. By fair or foul means
    d. Immediately
  • The general made a colossal mistake by attacking the enemy through the swampland.
    a. Costly
    b. Dangerous
    c. Obvious
    d. Huge
  • Ricardo is the most amiable person in this class.
    a. Friendly
    b. Likable
    c. Popular
    d. Active
  • Although its workers are industrious, poor management has caused the factory to run at a loss.
    a. Resourceful
    b. Intelligent
    c. Hardworking
    d. Lazy
  • What is the proper attire for the wedding celebration held at the restaurant?
    a. Hairdo
    b. Dress
    c. Footwear
    d. Wardrobe
  • The blackout caused the music played by the band to stop abruptly.
    a. Suddenly
    b. Loudly
    c. Totally
    d. Amusingly
  • The Minister for Community Development thought long and hard about how to remedy the social problems of the slum areas.
    a. Help
    b. Solve
    c. Aid
    d. Cause
  • The vacant land next to the bakery should be converted into a parking lot.
    a. Uninhabited
    b. Useless
    c. Vast
    d. Empty
  • He concealed the gun before entering the checkpoint at the airport.
    a. Hid
    b. Fired
    c. Exposed
    d. Threw
  • The couple led a cat and dog life until they divorced a year ago.
    a. Always quarreling with each other
    b. Friendly with each other
    c. Not talking to each other
    d. Afraid of each other
  • The animosity between the two tribes resulted in a bloody and prolonged war.
    a. Extreme dislike
    b. Compeition
    c. Friendship
    d. Business
  • The good-for-nothing young heir squandered away his inheritance.
    a. Used
    b. Saved
    c. Wasted
    d. Gave

Answers | 1. b | 2. a | 3. d | 4. c | 5. b | 6. d | 7. a | 8. d | 9. a | 10. c | 11. b | 12. a | 13. b | 14. a | 15. a | 16. a | 17. a | 18. c |

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